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Eck and Wayne Winterrowd have built their lives on a hillside garden of bounty and beauty.


Thursday, August 20

11 a.m.
Home Front
Paint chips, decorating tips and more design ideas.
12 p.m.
The Garden Plot
Adrian Higgins is joined by authors Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrowd.
3 p.m.
Liz Kelly gabs about the latest in celebrity gossip.
3 p.m.
The 'Lost' Hour
Liz Kelly and Jen Chaney discuss the latest episode and other island mysteries.
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Going to the Mat

Jeff Leen profiles Depression-era waitress-turned-grappler Mildred Burke in "The Queen of the Ring."

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Food & Dining

Top Tomatoes

A vertical salad edged out last year's winning chef in the tomato cookoff.

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Home & Garden



Fed up with swatting and scratching, some homeowners turn to mosquito busters.

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Summer Movies

Our guide to summer blockbusters, new releases, film reviews and more.

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She Gets Her Kicks

An interview with oncology nurse turned actress turned talk show host Bonnie Hunt.

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Quite a Buzz

It takes more than sugar water to attract these majestic creatures.

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Special Reports

Michael Jackson Remembered

Stars, celebrities and representatives gathered to pay a final tribute to Michael Jackson.

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