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Free Yourself

No money? No problem. Find a great free event for every day in August.

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August Arts

Phillips After 5 goes weekly way and the Renwick hosts its craft invitational this month.

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On Stage in August

Three big-name comedians are bringing the laughs to D.C. | Chat with Wanda Sykes

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Kids Museum Guide

How well do you know D.C. museums? Test your knowledge with our game and find highlights for kids.

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Get to Know D.C.

Mapping the Mall

Explore the landmarks on the city's famous swath of green with our interactive guide.

Getting Ahead of Yourself

Advance planning is needed to experience sites like the White House and Supreme Court.

How to See the City

The lowdown on public transportation, guided tours and the area's airports.

An Art Lover's Cheat Sheet

A day-by-day guide to museum hours and gallery open houses.

Three Days in D.C.

Make the most of a short trip to Washington — explore our restaurants and boutiques as well as historic sites.

Washington 101

An introduction to the National Mall, the monuments and the Smithsonian.

Branching Out

Adventures for families, history buffs, shoppers and people-watchers.

Further Afield

Day trips to Alexandria and Mount Vernon, explorations around Chinatown.

Go Out Lists

Save & Share Your Favorites
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Zim's Favorite Places to Go

The Nationals star shares his picks for D.C. fun.

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Field trip proposals

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