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CIO Council 3-Month Deliverables under Digital Strategy

The CIO Council released two documents today as part of the 3-month deliverables under the Digital Government Strategy. Details about these two documents are listed below. For a full list of all products and deliverables released to date, please visit the Digital Government Strategy Deliverables page.

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Toolkit (Milestone Action #3.3)
As part of its mission to promote cross-agency sharing of mobile workforce solutions, the Digital Services Advisory Group worked with the Federal CIO Council to develop a BYOD toolkit for agencies contemplating implementation of BYOD programs. By exploring options to increase the mobility of government workers, the Administration can save taxpayer dollars and improve its service to the American people. The toolkit includes key considerations, best practices, and examples of existing policies from successful BYOD programs launched at forward-leaning agencies.
Link: (html) and (pdf)

Digital Services Governance Recommendations (Milestone Action #4.1)
As part of its mission to promote cross-agency sharing of best practices in the delivery of digital services, the Digital Services Advisory Group worked with the U.S. CIO Council and Federal Web Managers Council to develop recommendations on how agencies can stand up effective digital services governance structures consistent with Milestone Action #4.2. Recognizing that governance is a means to an end, the recommendations highlight opportunity areas for agencies to deliver better services at a lower cost.
Link: (html) and (pdf)

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