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The Federal Government is engaged in a historic initiative to turn around how technology projects are managed, addressing the wasteful spending, slow turnaround, and high project failure rate that has characterized Federal IT over the past decade. Below are some of the key accomplishments in this effort.

To learn more, see the IT Reform Timeline.

  • December 2010: An 18-Month Action Plan

    The U.S. CIO publishes the 25 Point Implementation Plan To Reform Federal Information Technology Management, based on collaboration with the Federal IT com-munities, industry experts, and academics. The Plan outlines concrete steps that the Federal Government will take over the next 18 months to address the most pressing, persistent challenges plaguing Federal IT—ultimately delivering more value to the American taxpayer.

  • August 2010: High Priority IT Projects

    OMB identifies 26 High Priority IT Projects with the most potential for faster, smarter implementation. These projects were subsequently reviewed in TechStat sessions, which bring together agecy and OMB leadership to determine whether a project should be turned around, halted, or terminated.

  • February 2010: Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI)

    The Federal Government issues FDCCI guidance for Federal CIO Council agencies, calling for them to inventory data center assets, develop consolidation plans throughout fiscal year 2010, and integrate those plans into fiscal year 2012 budget submissions. As of December 2010, the government is operating and maintaining almost 2,100 data centers. Through the FDCCI, a minimum of 800 of these data centers will be closed by 2015.

  • June 2009: IT Dashboard

    The IT Dashboard, which was redesigned with additional features and functionality in July 2010, shows the Government, the public, and other stakeholders how Federal information technology investments are being made. By offering insight into the effectiveness of government technology programs, the IT Dashboard guides budget and policy decisions governing Federal IT.

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