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    • Lorenza Laguna Dàvila
      eheh tengo 12 y necesito crearme una guenta de google por que lo requiero para poder ingresar a la pagina de mi profesora de cxta y no puedo pror se menor de edad ,creo que es un poco injusto
      9 hours ago
      9 hours ago
    • Hello I have a question when first opening a layway plan, how long does the consumer have a right to cancel for full refund under federal consumer law?
      1 · Monday at 11:23am
    • Desiree A Born-Haspert
      Just wondering when Skechers will begin to send refunds?
      2 · September 9 at 3:08pm
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    • Maneesh Pangasa
      Approval of Sony EMI Publishing should kill UMG EMI: the EU's analysis of UMG EMI and the Sony ATV EMI merger should spell the denial of UMG EMI. Although the FTC did not release an analysis of the deal the EC released an analysis that it relied upon when approving the publishing merger with several divestitures.
    • Danny Reiss
      With all the fraud in hallmarked jewelry and fake gold coins, is there anyway the FTC can promote consumer testing of gold? In the past i understand it has been difficult due to the dangers of acid testing or the prohibitive costs of electronic testers. With new technology like the "gold verification pen" or "goldvp" that is priced in the area of $25 we can put power back into the consumers hands.
    • Maneesh Pangasa
      Please investigate RIAA for any antitrust violations.
    • Maneesh Pangasa
      Investigate MPAA for antitrust. MPAA Chairman threatens to withhold campaign contributions after PIPA SOPA failed to pass.
  4. The FTC is mailing refund checks to thousands of consumers nationwide defrauded by a telemarketer who used robocalls to pitch worthless credit card rate reduction programs for an up-front fee. Learn more about the refunds in our press release: http://go.usa.gov/rmbx. Watch this video for tips on what to do if you get a robocall.
  5. Interested in talking technology with the FTC's Chief Technologist, Ed Felten? Join us for our Twitter Chat today at 1:30pm ET. Follow www.twitter.com/TechFTC and tweet Qs to #TechFTC.
  6. The FTC has sent warning letters to marketers of replacement windows that energy claims must be backed up by scientific evidence. If you're in the market for new windows, check out our infographic on shopping for windows first.
  7. As part of its ongoing efforts to stop over-hyped advertising claims, the Federal Trade Commission has filed false advertising charges against the marketers of Your Baby Can Read! Find out more in this Business Center Blog post.
  8. Do you have comments on the FTC's proposed modifications to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Rule? The FTC has extended the deadline for public comments to September 24, 2012. Get more information and the link for filing online in our press release.

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