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    • John Adams
      I thought the Hawaii ATB quarter launch was great. I would like to see the plaque presented to the park with the two quarters struck on the first days of issue made available for photography before it is given to the park. Once it is turned over to the park, it may not be seen again.
    • John Adams
      Last night's forum for the Hawaii ATB quarter was the best that I have attended so far. Mr. Croft handled it well and is an excellent speaker. You should bring him back for more.
    • Anthony Hinnant Hinnant
    • Virginia Pratt
      this is the best place for my little sweety needs,
  3. Test your knowledge: Are die blanks hubbed (the process that puts the design on the die) when they are warm or cool?
  4. How well do you know past United States Mint Directors? This one was reappointed by President Grant in 1869. He was the first to serve two non-consecutive terms. Who was he? James Pollock, A.M., L.L.D.
  5. Check out the new MintTV News piece on the 2011 September 11 National Medal. We hope you enjoy it!
  6. Creating the dies for coins starts with a single master hub followed by a single master die. From these, multiple working hubs and working dies are produced. Each step forms a positive or negative image from the previous one, ending with the positive image on the coin.
  7. What is it like to sculpt coin designs at the United States Mint? Check out Joseph Menna’s perspective: “Working at the United States Mint is an incredible opportunity for any sculptor interested in creating public art. Not only do millions of people get to see one’s work each day, but generations of collectors and hobbyists cherish what we do. Add to this the ability to contribute to the great visual art legacy of the United States, and well…it makes for a pretty amazing place to be employed.”
  8. Did you know that some artists create a three-dimensional “clay” model (called a digital sculpt) on a computer?
  9. Did you know the United States Mint began a completely digital design process in 2009?
  10. For those who just joined our community, we have been celebrating the 220th anniversary of our organization and the 150th anniversary of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP). During the first half of the month, we’ll share information about the design and manufacturing process at the United States Mint. During the second half of September, we’ll share several fun facts related to currency production techniques at the BEP.
  11. New to coin collecting? Here are a few items that you will need to get you started.

    1. Magnifying glass
    2. Soft cloth or padded tray
    3. Coin reference book
    4. Soft gloves
    5. Holders or albums for storage.

    Did I miss anything experienced coin collectors?
  12. Over the last 150 years, many U.S. Presidents and other political figures have been featured on U.S. currency. How many can you name?
  13. Did you know that before coins were machine-made, they were struck and poured by hand? Share this interesting fact with a friend.
  14. Happy Anniversary to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing! Thank you for 150 years of dedicated service. Over the years, BEP has developed many technological advances in the currency production process.
  15. Have you ever hosted or attended a coin party or swap with other coin enthusiasts? Tell us about it.
  16. Besides watermarks, some other anti-counterfeiting security features in U.S. currency are: color-shifting ink, micro-printing patterns, enlarged off-center portraits and security threads.
  17. Get your America the Beautiful Quarters honoring Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park @ noon!
  18. Can you name some of the security features, such as watermarks, that have appeared on United States currency?

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