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  2. Please help us spread the word! The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition announced today they are phasing out their Youth Fitness Test which dates back to 1966 and replacing it with the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. Th...
    e new program assesses students’ health-related fitness and helps them progress over time. The Presidential Youth Fitness Program is available for free to all schools at
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    • Judy McCarthy O'connell
      a lot of information for young girls..especially on the subject of Bullying...a MUST read site
    • Amy Walbroehl
      Yes, J is only 1 year old but I want to make sure she has every resource possible and that starts with my education.
    • Joy Lambert
      For all of you with young daughters.
    • Tracy Evans
      some great information on here!
  4. In a decidedly unexpected finding, researchers have discovered that overweight teens may actually consume fewer calories daily compared to their healthy-weight counterparts.
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  6. Do you let your friends have this much power over your life? A new study shows that just thinking your friends are smokers -- even if they aren't -- makes you more likely to smoke.
  7. Now that school has started, do you have TV time limits in your house? Reducing the amount of time that teens spend watching television may prevent them from putting on too much weight, researchers say.
  8. It's especially important for kids with neurological disorders (anything involving the brain like cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, or even epilepsy) to get the flu shot every year!
  9. How does a first-place prize of $2,000 sound? Calling all 13 - 18-year-olds to submit an original Public Service Announcement about how you’re taking action against bullying and being “more than a bystander.” The deadline is October 14 and the top prize is $2,000.
  10. Now that everyone will be back in school soon, it's time to start thinking about preventing colds! Some interesting study results here, in addition to the time-tested methods of washing your hands often and covering when you sneeze or cough...
  11. A new, small study suggests that spending time with parents, especially Dad, as a teenager boosts self-esteem and social skills.
  12. A new Norwegian study shows that teens who think they're too heavy are the ones most likely to be overweight by early adulthood. Researchers say parents should avoid telling teenagers they look fat or need to lose weight, and focus on creating a healthy, physically active environment at home.
  13. Everybody ages 13-18 is invited to submit short videos explaining how you can be more than a bystander and prevent bullying. Join the Stop Bullying Video Challenge to help prevent and end bullying in schools and communities.
  14. States with strong laws about what foods can be sold at school outside breakfast and lunch programs appear to have more students who stay at healthier weights.

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