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Our team at the National Cancer Institute will bring you the latest tips and support to stay smokefree and free of tobacco! [Privacy:]

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tip: Do you miss holding a cigarette? Hold something else-a pencil, a paper clip, or a water bottle.

Long day? Feel like you deserve a cig? A good meal or a funny movie can relax you without ruining your attempt.

Want 24/7 encouragment, advice, and help to become ? Text the word QUIT to 47848 to sign up for SmokefreeTXT.

-people who smoking are surprised by how good they feel. They are in charge, smell good, more relaxed.

Having more money to spend is one of the many reasons to quit smoking. Share your reasons for with us.

The reality of : It CAN be done! Millions of people just like you have become and are still former smokers.

Want to manage your cravings? Replace your cigs with carrots, sunflower seeds, celery, raisins, or sugarfree gum.

Smoky Thinking: I'm doing well. Just one cigarette won’t hurt. Clear Thinking: One cigarette always leads to another.

Calling all partners in Louisville, KY and Winston-Salem, NC! We just started 2 local campaigns-- DM us to get FREE materials

Interested in joining a quit-smoking study? We can connect you to the right resources and answer some common questions

Tip: Write down all the reasons you want to and keep it somewhere you'll see it often. Then share those with us!

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