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Health News

Today's Headlines: September 15, 2012

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Medicare Gaps Leave Many With Big Bill at End of Life, Study Finds – 9/14/2012

Health care spending in the final 5 years exceeds total household assets for one in four seniors.

Pain From Sexual Assault Often Untreated, Study Says – 9/14/2012

Only one-third of victims receive medication to ease their discomfort, researchers find.

Quitting Smoking Just as Hard for Teens: Study – 9/14/2012

Many of the same negative psychological effects occur in newer, long-time smokers.

Putting Your Mental Health in Order – 9/14/2012

Experts suggest steps to de-stress and find a more balanced life.

'Doctor Shopping' Tied to Fatal Prescription Drug Overdoses – 9/14/2012

People who visit multiple physicians, pharmacies can be identified, researchers say.

Stressful Job Might Be Tough on the Heart – 9/14/2012

Demanding work, little control over decision-making boosts risk for heart attack, study suggests.

Topical Products for Muscle, Joint Pain May Cause Burns: FDA – 9/14/2012

Seek medical attention if you experience burning pain or blistering, agency says.

Secondhand Smoke Linked to Memory Problems – 9/14/2012

Nonsmokers regularly exposed to cigarette smoke forgot nearly 20 percent more in tests, study says.

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