Lupus In The News

Strides Made in Diagnosing, Treating Lupus New therapies are being developed for people with the autoimmune illness, experts say.
— May 10, 2012,
New Guidelines Issued for Severe Lupus More can be done to prevent permanent kidney damage, says American College of Rheumatology.
— May 3, 2012,
New Lupus Genes Identified Still unknown is how the genes contribute to the autoimmune disease.
— Apr 4, 2012,
Pregnancy Safe for Most Women With Lupus: Study About 80 percent of women delivered without complications
— Nov 7, 2011,
Share your story in the Lupus Initiative Story bank If you could tell health care providers something important about lupus what would you say? In honor of Lupus Awareness Month, we want you to tell the stories that medical/health professionals need to hear.
— Apr 20, 2011, The Lupus Initiative
Musician and Philanthropist Julian Lennon to Elevate the Global Profile of Lupus Musician and philanthropist Julian Lennon has been named Global Ambassador by the Lupus Foundation of America’s (LFA) National Board of Directors. The role of the Global Ambassador is to elevate lupus on the world’s health agenda, and increase awareness of the needs of the more than 5 million people living with lupus and their families around the world.
— Apr 20, 2011, The Lupus Foundation of America National Board of Directors Names Julian Lennon as Global Ambassador
FDA approves Benlysta to treat lupus First new lupus drug approved in 56 years.
— Mar 9, 2011, FDA
People with Lupus Denied Health Insurance Due to Pre-Existing Condition May Be Able to Obtain Coverage Through Health Care Reform Law Plan Americans who have been denied health insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition can now apply for the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP).
— Jul 6, 2010, Lupus Foundation of America
Oxidative And Nitrosative Stress Contribute To Lupus Disease Activity Higher levels of antibodies may be linked to disease severity and progression.
— Jun 24, 2010,
Drug Targets Lupus by Tricking Immune System A new approach shows early promise in fighting the devastating disease.
— Jun 21, 2010, Technology Review
NATURE Publishes New Dynavax Findings On Novel Role Of TLRs In Lupus Dynavax Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: DVAX) today reported in NATURE new data that may explain the resistance of lupus patients to glucocorticoid treatment.
— Jun 17, 2010, MediLexicon
After A Half Century Of Work, Medicine For Lupus May Be Near The autoimmune disease lupus has bedeviled drugmakers for a half century, but some are now poised to break through.
— Jun 8, 2010, The Wall Street Journal
Immune Cell's Role in Lupus Nephritis Demonstrated, Paves Way for Safety Testing of Potential New Use for Asthma Drug National Institutes of Health scientists have discovered that the activation of immune cells called basophils causes kidney damage in a mouse model of lupus nephritis. These findings and the team’s associated research in humans may lead to new treatments for this serious disease, a severe form of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) that affects the kidneys and is difficult to treat.
— Jun 1, 2010, The National Institutes of Health
Important Control Mechanism Behind Autoimmune Diseases Discovered Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have discovered a new control mechanism in our immune system. The discovery is of potential significance to the treatment of serious diseases such as MS (multiple sclerosis), rheumatoid arthritis, and SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus).
— May 4, 2010, Science Daily