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Welcome to the Communities page! Here you'll find resources on a wide range of topics and the opportunity to share your interests and passions with others. We're building new communities all the time so come back often and join the conversation!

American businesses need to be equipped with the best tools and information available to support innovation and job growth. This site is your front door to the data, apps, and tools the government has to offer your business.


Showcasing the applications and opportunities for harnessing the power of open data across the nation. City officials and developers working together to help improve the information available to city residents.


This community brings together developers from all over the world to participate, collaborate, and compete to drive the publishing and use of government data. Create an app, make a mashup, help make the date for useful for everyone. Ask for what you need, share what you’ve learned, and brag about your successes. This is your space!


This web site serves as a central guide for education data resources including high-value data sets, data visualization tools, resources for the classroom, applications created from open data and more. These datasets have been gathered from various agencies to provide detailed information on the state of education on all levels, from cradle to career and beyond.


Welcome to where data and insight are combined to facilitate public discussion of and awareness on our Nation’s energy activities. Whether you are interested in alternative fuels, managing buildings to be more energy efficient, or trying to manage energy in your own home, we have something for you. Look at the data, use the apps, join the conversation.

Ethics brings records and data from across the federal government to one central location, making it easier for citizens to hold public officials accountable.


A public resource designed to bring together high-value datasets, tools, and applications using data about health and health care to support your need for better knowledge and to help you to solve problems. These datasets and tools have been gathered from agencies across the Federal government with the goal of improving health for all Americans. Check back frequently because the site will be updated as more datasets and tools become available.


The Law Data Community provides administrative decisions, case filings, legal interpretations and agency directives from the Executive Branch for legal professionals, researchers, the business community and the general public. Legal authorities covering a range of topics such as transportation, health, energy, education, public safety, housing and many others are available. In addition, advisory opinions and interpretations by agency general counsels provide insight into agencies’ current positions on the statutes and regulations they enforce.


Visit the Manufacturing Community to find new technologies, facilities, and opportunities from the United States federal government for researchers, innovators, manufacturers, and citizens. Look at the data, use the apps, join the conversation.


This is the National Ocean Council’s portal for data, information, and tools to support people engaged in planning for the future of the ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes. Our goal is to be a one-stop hub to support planners and to provide useful information to the public. Please visit our Forums to tell us what would make the site most useful to you as we expand our content.


The Safety Community is where data and insight are combined to facilitate a discussion around and awareness of our Nation's public safety activities. Whether you are interested in crime, roadway safety, or safety in the workplace, we have something for you. Check out the data, browse and use the apps, and be part of the discussion.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Leading companies, academic institutions and non-profit organizations are increasingly focused on sustainable supply chains as a source of cost savings, innovation and competitive advantage. The Sustainable Supply Chains Community of Practice encourages the sharing of practical information such as checklists, tutorials, codes of conducts and other supplier engagement tools that businesses, especially small and medium-sized, can use to cost effectively improve the efficiency of their operations and address sustainable supply chain challenges within their market sector.