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Talk to Your Kids about Sex 


The Basics

Teach your children the facts about their bodies, sex, and relationships. Talking with your kids about sex may not be easy, but it’s important. You can help them stay healthy and make good choices as they grow up.

It may be hard to know where to start, especially if your parents didn’t talk to you about sex when you were growing up. But these tips and strategies can help.

What do I say?
Kids will have different questions and concerns about sex at different ages. As your child gets older, the things you talk about will change. Remember to:

  • Talk early and often – you don’t have to fit everything into one conversation.
  • Be ready to answer questions. Your child’s questions can tell you a lot about what she already knows.
  • Listen carefully to your child, even if you don’t agree with his opinion.
  • Try using examples from TV or music to start a conversation.
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