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Recaptured Payment Errors to Government Contractors

Since 2004, agencies have been reporting on their efforts to identify and recapture, where feasible, improper contract payments in their annual Performance and Accountability Reports. The information in the table below reflects agency efforts to identify and recapture improper contract payments from fiscal years 2004 through 2011. Note: Agency amounts may be slightly different from amounts reported in the agency annual Performance and Accountability Reports due to rounding differences.

Payment Recapture RateMore Info


Agency Amount
Department of Defense--Military$1,711.0M$1,355.3M79.2%
International Assistance Programs$383.1M$383.1M100.0%
Department of Veterans Affairs$222.1M$202.0M91.0%
General Services Administration$178.6M$122.4M68.5%
Department of Energy$87.9M$78.0M88.7%
Department of State$41.2M$38.9M94.6%
Department of Justice$33.0M$28.4M86.3%
Department of Transportation$18.4M$5.9M31.9%
Federal Communications Commission$10.3M$1.5M14.4%
Department of Homeland Security$9.5M$3.7M38.7%
Tennessee Valley Authority$9.2M$8.5M92.6%
Social Security Administration$9.1M$8.8M96.5%
Department of the Treasury$7.5M$6.4M84.4%
Department of Labor$5.9M$5.6M94.9%
Environmental Protection Agency$3.5M$3.5M100.0%
Department of the Interior$3.1M$3.0M98.1%
Department of Agriculture$1.8M$1.6M91.6%
Department of Health and Human Services$1.6M$0.1M3.8%
National Aeronautics and Space Administration$0.9M$0.8M85.9%
Department of Education$0.3M$0.1M42.9%
Department of Commerce$0.1M$0.1M100.0%
Department of Housing and Urban Development$0.0M$0.0M0.0%