FY 2012 Grant Announcements

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Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP) RFAs

RFA # RFA Title RFA Status
SP-12-001 Drug Free Communities Support Program (modified) View RFA CLOSED
SP-12-002 Drug Free Communities Mentoring Program View RFA CLOSED
SP-12-003 Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking Act Grants (Short Title: STOP Act Grants) - Pre-Application Webinar Now Available View RFA CLOSED
SP-12-004 Strategic Prevention Framework Partnerships for Success II View RFA CLOSED
Table 1 - CSAP FY 2012 Funding

Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) RFAs

RFA # RFA Title RFA Status
SM-11-001 State and Tribal Youth Suicide Prevention View RFA View Award
SM-11-002 Campus Suicide Prevention Grants View RFA View Award
SM-12-001 Statewide Family Network Program View RFA CLOSED
SM-12-002 Statewide Consumer Network Grant - Announcement of Pre-application Technical Assistance Calls (PDF 26KB) View RFA CLOSED
SM-12-003 Implementation Cooperative Agreements for Expansion of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and their Families Program (Short Title: System of Care Expansion Implementation Cooperative Agreements) - Announcement of a Pre-Application Webinar (PDF 21KB) View RFA CLOSED
SM-12-004 PPHF - 2012 - Cooperative Agreement for Networking, Certifying, and Training Suicide Prevention Hotlines (PPHF-2012) Life (Short Title: The Lifeline) View RFA View Award
SM-12-005 National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative - Category I: National Center for Child Traumatic Stress View RFA CLOSED
SM-12-006 National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative - Category II: Treatment and Service Adaptation Centers (TSA) - Announcement of Pre-application Technical Assistance Call (PDF 27KB) View RFA CLOSED
SM-12-007 National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative - Category III: Community Treatment and Services Centers (CTS) View RFA CLOSED
SM-12-008 PPHF - 2012 - Primary and Behavioral Health Care Integration (PPHF-2012) (Short Title: PBHCI) - Pre-Application Webinars Now Available View RFA CLOSED
SM-12-009 Cooperative Agreements for Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children's Health (Short Title: Project LAUNCH) - Announcement of a Pre-Application Webinar (PDF 23KB) View RFA CLOSED
SM-12-010 Minority Fellowship Program (Short Title: MFP) View RFA CLOSED
SM-12-011 SPRC N/A View Award
Table 2 - CMHS FY 2012 Funding

Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) RFAs

RFA # RFA Title RFA Status
TI-12-002 Enhancing Adult Drug Court Services, Coordination, and Treatment - A joint program with DOJ/BJA View RFA
(PDF 214KB)
TI-12-003 Offender Reentry Program (Short Title: ORP) - Applicants can access the written transcript, PowerPoint presentation, and clarifying questions and answers from the April 4th pre-application webinar. View RFA CLOSED
TI-12-004 Teen Court Program (Short Title: TCP) View RFA CLOSED
TI-12-005 Grants to Expand Substance Abuse Treatment Capacity In Adult and Family Drug Courts (Short Title: SAMHSA Treatment Drug Courts) View RFA CLOSED
TI-12-006 Cooperative Agreements for State Adolescent Treatment Enhancement and Dissemination (Short title: SAT-ED)
Learn about the Webinar, Q & A Conference Call, or read the updated FAQs
TI-12-007 Targeted Capacity Expansion Program: Substance Abuse Treatment for Racial/Ethnic Minority Populations at High-Risk for HIV/AIDS (Short Title: TCE-HIV) View RFA CLOSED
TI-12-008 Addiction Technology Transfer Centers (Short title: ATTC) - Indirect cost rates for this program may not exceed 8 percent of the total award (exclusive of tuition and fees, expenditures for equipment, and subawards and contracts in excess of $25,000). View RFA CLOSED
TI-12-010 FY 2012 Supplements for Rapid HIV Testing (Short title: RHT Supplements) View RFA CLOSED
TI-12-011 PPHF-2012-Cooperative Agreements for Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Electronic Health Record (EHR) Integration and Interoperability Expansion (PPHF-2012) (Short Title: PDMP EHR Integration and Interoperability) View RFA CLOSED
Table 2 - CSAT FY 2012 Funding


Last updated: 09/12/2012