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Peer Pressure Introduction
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Omni AwardOmni Award
The Cool Spot Web site was awarded the bronze Omni Award in the Fall 2010. The Omni Awards recognize outstanding media productions that engage, empower and enlighten. The judging process for the Omni Awards is rigorous. With a panel of three independent judges, each entry is rated based on a standardized set of criteria.

Aesculapius AwardAesculapius Award
The Cool Spot Web site was awarded the Aesculapius Award of Excellence by the Health Improvement Institute in 2010. The Aesculapius Award, named for the ancient Greek God of healing, recognizes outstanding organizations that have provided health information to the public through the use of World Wide Web (WWW) sites or television or radio public service announcements (PSAs).

NEOVIZION Bronze AwardMarCom Awards
The Cool Spot Web site was awarded the Platinum Award for Best Web Site Overall by MarCom Awards in 2010. The international competition includes entries from 5,000 marketing and communication professionals worldwide. The Platinum award is the highest award and is presented to the most outstanding entries in the competition. Platinum winners are recognized for excellence in terms of quality, creativity, and resourcefulness.

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