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RSS Feeds from the United States Mint

What is RSS?
The United States Mint now offers RSS feeds.  RSS, which is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication, is an easy way to get the news you want whenever it is updated, even if you are not on

RSS allows users who subscribe to a feed to keep updated on frequently changing content.  RSS employs an XML-based structure that includes a title, date, brief description, and a link to the full text of content.  Feeds can be read through a program called a news reader or aggregator.  There are many such news readers or aggregators available, and they can be found in many locations on the World Wide Web.

How can I receive RSS feeds from the United States Mint?
To begin receiving RSS feeds from the United States Mint, you must first download and install a news reader or aggregator that translates RSS code into a format that is easily understood by users.  Like an email program or Web browser, the news reader serves as a kind of information portal by providing a real-time interface to the feeds you select.  News readers can be found in many locations.  Please read the preceding paragraph for suggestions.  Recent versions of some Web browsers now have built-in RSS aggregators, so check yours first before downloading.  Also, please read the RSS Terms of Use.

How do I subscribe to a feed?
Once you have a news reader, the next step is to subscribe to a feed.  Different RSS readers provide varying methods for subscribing to feeds, but the following instructions typically work for most readers:

  • A small "RSS" button will be used to indicate the presence of a feed.  On this site the button looks like this:  RSS/XML
  • Click on this button, or the accompanying link.  Most browsers will display the XML source code.
  • The URL of the feed will be displayed in your browser's address bar.
  • Copy the URL.
  • Copy the URL into the "Add New Feed" portion of your news reader.  The feed should now show up in your news reader.  Your news reader is now configured to automatically display new updates to the feed.

Also, simply dragging the RSS feed button into your news reader often works.

What feeds are available from the United States Mint?
The United States Mint currently offers RSS feeds of our Press Releases and Public Statements and of our Product Information Updates.

Drag the icon below to your aggregator to add the content, or follow the instructions above.

RSS/XML Press Releases and Public Statements
RSS/XML Product Information Updates
The Department of the Treasury Seal