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Peer Pressure: Bag of Tricks
Sketch of girl
Speech bubble: Who needs you as a friend anyway? Speech bubble two: You're such a baby! Speech bubble three: It won't hurt you!

Have your friends ever used these lines on you? Did you give in, even though you didn’t want to?

These are a few of the goodies in the Peer Pressure Bag-of-Tricks. The tricks include put-downs, rejections, and reasoning, as well as pressure without words, or unspoken pressure.

Can You Figure out what kind of pressure is going on in each scene? Click here to try

Learn to spot the tricks. Being aware of the pressure is the first step to resisting it.

The bag of tricks

Why Peer Pressure Can Work
How Peers Pressure
Spoken vs Unspoken Pressure
Peer Pressure Bag of Tricks
Peer Pressure Can Be Good, Too
The Tricks
  • Rejection
  • Put Downs
  • Reasoning
  • Unspoken Pressure
Peer Pressure