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America the Beautiful Quarters® Games

Welcome, everyone!  Try out these games from the United States Mint!

Play our featured game:  America the Beautiful Quarters® Games


Franklin's Try-N-Fly
Help Minty the Mint Robot use a kite to collect lightning before it's too late.
Inventor's Challenge
Find material and harness power to make the longest-burning light bulb.
Wishing Well
Ask a question or make a wish and see what happens.
When Pigs Fly
Build your own plane, then see how long you can keep it in the air.
Winter Coin Olympics
Compete in three winter sports, earning points for skill.


Branches of Power
Use the US Constitution to restore the Tree of Democracy.
Dollar Dive
Help Plinky dive for dollar coins and buy sails before Sea Monster catches her.
Quarter Explorer
Help Bill explore the states and the quarters that honor them.
Lewis and Clark Adventure
Face wilderness challenges as you explore to the West Coast and back.


Painters' Studio
Paint the quarters from the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories Quarters Program your way.
Cents of Color
Color on screen pictures of the quarters of the 50 State Quarters® Program.
Plinky's Create-a-Card
Use virtual coins to create greeting cards you can print and color.
Making Change
Choose words and pictures and design your own coin.
Coloring Pages
Download and print pictures of coins and characters that you can color.


Lincoln Words
Choose from three levels and four categories to find the hidden words about Abraham Lincoln.
Coin Memory Game
Match the pairs of coins in as few moves as possible.
Golden Dollar Puzzle
Beat the clock to assemble a puzzle featuring the Sacagawea Golden Dollar.
Collector's Crossword
Solve the online puzzle using coin collecting clues.
Mark My Words
Find the randomly hidden words from several lists, with or without a timer.
Puzzle Mint
Beat the clock to put puzzles together featuring 50 State Quarters® designs.
Play the popular Sudoku game with dollar coins instead of numbers.


America the Beautiful Quarters® Games
Try out a new game each year based on the America the Beautiful Quarters®
Presidential Portraits
Be a contestant on this game show about presidents on our coins.
Adams, Jefferson, or Both?
See if you can tell how much these two presidents have in common.
Test Your West Point IQ
Take a quiz to learn about the US Military Academy at West Point.
Jamestown Challenge
Sail to the New World using your knowledge of the first permanent English settlement.
Test Your Marine Corps IQ
Learn about the US Marine Corps with this multiple-choice quiz.


Arrows of Knowledge
Help Peter shoot arrows at the target answers to coin history questions.
Break the Bank
Answer coin trivia questions to fill a piggy bank, then break it open.
Tools of the Trade
Help Inspector Collector separate his tools from Peter's tools.

Multiplayer Games

Print Bingo cards and play using numbers or word lists (unlimited players).
Hoop and Darts
Throw darts through a swinging hoop to win the other player's darts (two players).

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