In creating, the Department of Justice seeks to make information about the FOIA accessible, interactive, and easy to understand.  We hope that you will tell us what you think about it.  We welcome your ideas, suggestions, and other feedback on how we may improve

Submitting Feedback to

  • Want to make a FOIA request? Please don't send us an email; instead, visit our Where to Make a FOIA Request page to find the FOIA contact information for the appropriate agency.
  • Have feedback on the website?   Send it to:
  • Are you a part of a federal agency with a significant FOIA release, a contact change or update?   Send it to: relies on information and data from all agencies across the federal government, and seeks to make all of this material available to both the public and other agencies. We always want to hear suggestions and ideas from agencies on how we can continue to make a comprehensive and reliable FOIA resource.







Last Updated: 6/2011

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