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The FOIA XML Schema

Federal agencies publish FOIA information in accordance with guidelines prepared by the U. S. Department of Justice Office of Information Policy. These guidelines, available here, describe the format and meaning of FOIA annual report information. In addition, a FOIA Annual Report XML schema has been developed allowing agency FOIA annual report information to be represented and exchanged in a standardized format. This XML schema closely follows the structure and terminology of the guidance document, and conforms to the NIEM standard ( 

All agency data available through reports and graphs on the website is also available for public download as XML documents conforming to the FOIA Annual Report XML schema here. This enables any kind of offline processing, storage, comparison, or mashup which may be desired.  

The XML schema files are available at the NIEM IEPD Clearinghouse.

FOIA Data Set Downloads

The following compressed files are complete archives of the FOIA Data sets for the years 2008 through 2011.

Download the full 2011 FOIA Data set (.zip format)

Download the full 2010 FOIA Data set (.zip format)

Download the full 2009 FOIA Data set (.zip format)

Download the full 2008 FOIA Data set (.zip format)


FOIA Contacts Download

The following file is the complete listing of all FOIA contacts across federal departments and agencies.

Download the full FOIA contacts list (updated as of August 23, 2012)



Last Updated: 7/2011

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