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The Right to Resist: Resisting Unspoken Pressure
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Sometimes you can feel pressure just from watching how others act or dress, without them saying a word to you. This "unspoken pressure" is especially hard to resist, because instead of standing up to a friend, you're standing up to how you feel inside.

Unspoken pressure may come from role models like your parents, your older siblings, teachers, coaches, or celebrities you see in movies and on TV. Unspoken pressure may also come from peers—your friends or other people your age. If you are concerned about the drinking of someone close to you, visit Real Life.

Here are some tips for resisting unspoken pressure:

  • Take a reality check—most teens don’t drink
  • Remember it’s risky—alcohol can be dangerous
  • Walk away from the situation
  • Find something else to do with other friends
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