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Peer Pressure Can be Good, Too
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Peer pressure isn’t all bad. You and your friends can pressure each other into some things that will improve your health and social life and make you feel good about your decisions.

Think of a time when a friend pushed you to do something good for yourself or to avoid something that would’ve been bad.

Here are some good things friends can pressure each other to do:

  • Be honest
  • Avoid Alcohol
  • Avoid drugs
  • Not smoke
  • Be nice
  • Respect others
  • Work hard
  • Exercise (together!)

You and your friends can also use good peer pressure to help each other resist bad peer pressure.

If you see a friend taking some heat, try some of these lines …

  • We don’t want to drink.
  • We don’t need to drink to have fun.
  • Let’s go and do something else.
  • Leave her alone. She said she didn’t want any.

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