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Spoken Vs. Unspoken Flash Game - Text Description

This activity illustrates the difference between two types of peer pressure: spoken and unspoken pressure.

Scene One: There are three girls in this scene. Girls 1 and 2 are on the left side and appear to be friends. Girl 3 is on the right side is reading a book.

Girl 1 to Girl 3: Hey, come drink with us.
Girl 2 to Girl 3: Yeah, it’ll be more fun than sitting in the library. Don’t be a loser and sit here reading.

A chalk board-type screen appears over the scene with this text:
Sometimes a friend can say something directly to you that puts a lot of pressure on you and makes it hard to say no. This is spoken pressure.

Scene Two: A group of three kids stands on the left side of the screen and they are all wearing sunglasses. There is a girl on the right side of the screen who is not wearing sunglasses.

The girl without sunglasses imagines herself in a thought bubble wearing sunglasses and standing with the other kids.

A chalk board-type screen appears over the scene with this text:
You may think you are supposed to act or dress a certain way because it seems like everyone else is doing it, or because it’s the cool thing to do. When you feel this way even though nobody has said anything about it, this is unspoken pressure.

The next chalkboard screen has the text:
If you haven’t already, you are going to face both spoken and unspoken pressure in the future. It’s just part of life. The important part is to make the right choices when a peer pressure situation comes up.

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