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2012 – Volume 20

cover of SAMHSA News - Winter 2012

Winter 2012 – Number 1
As the Nation strives to increase access to affordable care, technology is playing a key role. Both health information technology (HIT) and its corollary, electronic health records (EHRs) are central to improving the delivery of services so that that all Americans — including those with behavioral health conditions — benefit from health care system reform.
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2011 – Volume 19

cover of SAMHSA News - Fall 2011

Fall 2011 – Number 3
"My memories are full of jargon," Senior Master Sergeant Leonard Macari says. "If I finally open up to a counselor, I don't want to have to stop and explain acronyms like MRE or terms like 'I did a 5 and 25.' I want my therapist to know what I'm talking about. Otherwise, there's a disconnect that's hard to get past," the Rhode Island National Guardsman explains.
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cover of SAMHSA News - March/April 2011

March/April 2011 – Number 2
“College can be a stressful time, and the numbers bear that out. According to SAMHSA’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health, in 2008, young adults age 18 to 25 were more likely that adults age 26 to 49 to have had serious thoughts of suicide.
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cover of SAMHSA News - January/February 2011

January/February 2011 – Number 1
“Behavioral Health and Social Media” describes SAMHSA's robust “digital engagement” program with presences on four major social medial channels. This issue also includes the FY 2012 budget, a presidential directive on military families, and recent data on treatment admissions. Statistics on suicidal thoughts and behaviors are included.
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2010 – Volume 18

cover of SAMHSA News - November/December 2010

November/December 2010 – Number 6
Building resilience and reducing the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on young people in American Indian and Alaska Native tribal communities is a challenge. This issue’s cover story includes SAMHSA’s work in this area, including articles about grantees, e.g., the Pascua Yaqui tribe of Arizona and the San Felipe Pueblo in New Mexico. Features include “How Many Americans Experienced Mental Illness in the Past Year?” In addition; the 2010 Annual Index is available as a separate PDF file (size: 323KB).
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cover of SAMHSA News - September/October 2010

September/October 2010 – Number 5
What do you need to know about the Affordable Care Act and health care reform? This issue’s cover story offers details, including information about health homes. SAMHSA’s Administrator talks about the Agency’s 8 strategic Initiatives in her message to readers. Other features include the launch of the National Action Alliance on Suicide Prevention, recent efforts to break the silence about suicide among college students, and updates on HIV/AIDS. Why is behavioral health essential to health? Hear what a panel of experts have to say.
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cover of SAMHSA News - July/August 2010

July/August 2010 – Number 4
The Deepwater Horizon oil disaster affected lives of residents in the Gulf states. To help, SAMHSA took action to make behavioral health a top priority. This issue’s cover story and the Administrator’s message focused on helping residents cope. Other features included a new publication and CD-ROM on responding to childhood traumatic grief, new data on the dramatic rise in abuse of pain relievers, and multicultural campaigns on mental health.
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cover of SAMHSA News - May/June 2010

May/June 2010 – Number 3
SAMHSA’s Project LAUNCH (Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children's Health) promotes the well-being of children age zero to 8. A successful grantee in Maine is highlighted. The SAMHSA Administrator thanks readers who emailed comments on “What’s in a Term.” Other features include a new publication about helping communities prevent suicide among Native youth; Children’'s Mental Health Day highlights; a look at health reform; and adolescent substance use statistics on an average day.
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cover of SAMHSA News - March/April 2010

March/April 2010 – Number 2
Building community awareness is the focus of three new prevention campaigns on underage drinking, suicide prevention, and mental health for African Americans. Other articles include a special message from the SAMHSA Administrator asking for input on terms used to describe our work, a highlight of SAMHSA’s Sober Truth on Preventing Underage Drinking grantees, the Agency’s Fiscal Year 2011 Budget, TIP 51, and new Evidence-Based Practices KITs.
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cover of SAMHSA News - January/February 2010

January/February 2010 – Number 1
Now that the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act is in effect, what does that mean for consumers, those in treatment and recovery, and their families? The cover story offers some insights and the Interim Final Regulations. Other topics: campus suicide prevention at Penn State and Tufts, violent behaviors among girls, treatment updates.
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2009 – Volume 17

cover of SAMHSA News - November/December 2009

November/December 2009 – Number 6
SAMHSA’s Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) program is the cover story highlighting grantees in Alaska and Colorado. Other topics include parity, homelessness, and a guide for clinical supervision.
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cover of SAMHSA News - September/October 2009

September/October 2009 – Number 5
The philosophy of recovery is the cover story for this issue. A person’s early days in recovery might be compared to a climber’s first steps up a great mountain. There’s a lot of work ahead. Programs at SAMHSA’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) are highlighted as well as recent white papers on recovery.
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cover of SAMHSA News - July/August 2009

July/August 2009 – Number 4
Coordinating care for children with serious mental health challenges is the focus of the cover story. Three grantee programs are highlighted, including programs for very young children and for children on reservations. Also, read about retail sales of tobacco to youth, a state report on substance abuse statistics, health reform and behavioral health, how parents can affect youth substance use, and more.
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cover of SAMHSA News - May/June 2009

May/June 2009 – Number 3
“Suicide Prevention on Campus: Keeping Students Connected” (cover story by Kristin Blank) and a new resource (TIP 50) for substance abuse counselors on how to address suicidal thoughts in clients are included. Also, read about pregnant women and substance use, a new nurse’s guide to buprenorphine, and a nurse’s personal story.
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cover of SAMHSA News - March/April 2009

March/April 2009 – Number 2
Jail diversion for people with mental illness is the cover story’s focus.  A SAMHSA grantee in Blacksburg, VA, is also highlighted along with a description of mental health courts. American Indian and Alaska Native culture is featured in a new pocket-sized “Culture Card” of tribal facts.
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cover of SAMHSA News - January/February 2009

January/February 2009 – Number 1
This issue launches our print redesign with a new masthead, connections to SAMHSA News online, and more. SAMHSA’s successful Drug Free Communities Support program, our cover story, harnesses the power of community coalitions to reduce substance abuse among young people. Prevention works!
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