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Digital Government Strategy

The CIO Council has released two deliverables at the 3 month mark of the Digital Government Strategy.
IPv6 Adoption Roadmap

Roadmap Toward IPv6 Adoption for the Federal Government

Read the updated guidance and best practices for agencies transitioning to the next generation Internet.
FY 2013 IT Budget Priorities Diagram

FY 2013 IT Budget Priorities

Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel shares an overview of the FY 2013 IT Budget and ongoing Administration efforts to cut waste in IT spending and leverage technology to make government work more effectively and efficiently for the American people.
TechStat seating chart

TechStat: A Year in Review

Outcomes and Lessons Learned from Implementing Agency-Led TechStat Reviews Across the Federal Government
Map of federal data center closures

Data Center Consolidations

The Federal Government has released new details on the total number of data centers that will be shut down as a result of the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative.
Cloud Computing Update: Best Practices for Acquiring IT as a Service

The move to the cloud requires a dramatic shift in the way Federal agencies buy IT.

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Join the Transformation
Robert Brese, CIO, Department of Energy
BLOG POST    AUGUST 29, 2012
Simon Szykman, CIO, Commerce
Robert Brese, CIO, Department of Energy
SEPTEMBER 04, 2012
Robert Brese, CIO, Department of Energy

Transform, Protect and Advance – DOE’s IT Modernization Strategy

Darren Ash, CIO and Deputy Executive Director for Corporate Management
AUGUST 27, 2012
Darren Ash, CIO and Deputy Executive Director for Corporate Management

Harnessing Technology to Make the NRC More Effective and Efficient

Brook Colangelo, CIO, Executive Office of the President
AUGUST 23, 2012
Brook Colangelo, CIO, Executive Office of the President

Enabling a Mobile Workforce through Bring Your Own Device

Digital Government Strategy
The Federal Government is overhauling how it manages $80 billion in annual IT investments, to ensure that taxpayer dollars are used more efficiently and effectively. The basis for these IT reforms is the 25-Point Implementation Plan.

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Cloud Computing
As part of IT reform, the government has implemented a “Cloud First” policy, which mandates that agencies increase the use of available cloud and shared services.

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Data Center Consolidation
Under the 25-Point Implementation Plan and Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative, the Federal Government will shut down more than 1200 data centers by 2015.

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Transparent Government
The creation of the IT Dashboard in 2009 ushered in a new era of government transparency and accountability for IT investments.

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The Federal Government is working to secure the infrastructure and integrity of our public and private cyberspace, while safeguarding citizens’ privacy and civil liberties.

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IT Workforce
Under the 25-Point Implementation Plan, the federal government is working to build sustainable talent pool that will ensure effectively managed IT programs from beginning to end.

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