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Right to Access Medical Records

If someone has health care power of attorney for an individual, can they obtain access to that individual's medical record?

Can the personal representative of an adult or emancipated minor obtain access to the individual's medical record?

How can family members of a deceased individual obtain the deceased individual's protected health information that is relevant to their own health care?

Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule allow parents the right to see their children’s medical records?

If a child receives emergency medical care without a parent's consent, can the parent get all information about the child's treatment and condition?

Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule require a business associate to provide individuals with access to their protected health information or an accounting of disclosures, or an opportunity to amend protected health information?

What does the HIPAA Privacy Rule say about a research participant's right of access to research records or results?

Are the HIPAA Privacy Rule’s requirements regarding patient access in harmony with the Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments of 1988 (CLIA)?

If patients request copies of their medical records as permitted by the Privacy Rule, are they required to pay for the copies?

Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule require that covered entities provide patients with access to oral information?