Drug-testing Laboratory Inspections, 1998 to 2001 - Division of Workplace Programs

* These documents represent drug-testing laboratory inspections from 1998 to 2001. They are supplied by the Division of Workplace Programs, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, SAMHSA. Some of the documents have been redacted or edited to remove confidential information. These portions are identified by a diagonal line.

Names of some of the laboratories have changed over time. For a list of former laboratory names, please got to the Federal Register, February 1, 2002, and scroll down to "Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration."

Further documentation will be added to this table as it becomes available.

State and Laboratories Semi-Annual Maintenance Inspections Special Specimen Validity Testing Inspections


Montgomery: Alabama Reference Laboratories, Inc. PDF File maint_al_0400 PDF File valid_al_0400


Little Rock: Baptist Medical Center, Toxicology Lab PDF File maint_ar_0519 PDF File valid_ar_0519


Tempe: Southwest Labs PDF File maint_az_0160 PDF File valid_az_0160


Bakersfield: National Toxicology Labs, Inc. PDF File maint_ca_0154 PDF File valid_ca_0154
Los Angeles: Pacific Toxicology Laboratories PDF File maint_ca_0447 PDF File valid_ca_0447
Menlo Park: PharmChem Laboratories Inc. PDF File maint_ca_0006 PDF File valid_ca_0006
San Diego: PoisonLab PDF File maint_ca_0124 PDF File valid_ca_0124
San Diego: Quest Diagnostics Inc. PDF File maint_ca_0101 PDF File valid_ca_0101
San Diego: San Diego Reference Laboratory PDF File maint_ca_0220 PDF File valid_ca_0220
Tarzana: UniLab Toxicology PDF File maint_ca_0135 PDF File valid_ca_0135
Van Nuys: Quest Diagnostics PDF File maint_ca_0068 PDF File valid_ca_0068


Newington: Clinical Laboratory Partners PDF File maint_ct_0647 PDF File valid_ct_0647


Fort Myers: Diagnostic Services, Inc. PDF File maint_fl_0171 PDF File valid_ fl_0171
Leesburg: Quest Diagnostics Inc. PDF File maint_fl_0141 PDF File valid_fl_0141

Ft. Lauderdale: Universal Toxicology Laboratories

PDF File maint_fl_0136 PDF File valid_fl_0136
Miami:Toxicology Testing Service, Inc. PDF File maint_fl_0001 PDF File valid_fl_0001


Atlanta: Quest Diagnostics Inc. PDF File maint_ga_0067 PDF File valid_ga_0067
Valdosta: Doctors Lab, Inc. PDF File maint_ga_0514 PDF File valid_ga_0514


Great Lakes: Navy Drug Screening Laboratory PDF File maint_il_0739 PDF File valid_il_0739
Peoria: Info-Meth PDF File maint_il_0283 **
Schaumburg: SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories PDF File maint_il_0138 PDF File valid_il_0138
Wood Dale: Quest Diagnostics Inc. PDF File maint_il_0059 **


Indianapolis: Methodist Hospital Toxicology Services PDF File maint_in_0118 **

South Bend: South Bend Medical Foundation, Inc.

PDF File maint_in_0115 PDF File valid_in_0115


Lenexa: Clinical Reference Lab

PDF File maint_ks_0007 **
Lenexa: Lab One, Inc. PDF File maint_ks_0325 PDF File valid_ks_0325
Overland Park: Physicians Reference Lab PDF File maint_ks_0412 PDF File valid_ks_0412


Gretna: Laboratory Specialists Inc. and Kroll Laboratory Specialists PDF File maint_la_0083 PDF File valid_la_0083


Baltimore: Quest Diagnostics Inc. (National Center for Forensic Science) PDF File maint_md_0009 **


Auburn Hills: Quest Diagnostics Inc.

PDF File maint_mi_0140

PDF File valid_mi_0140
Lansing: Sparrow Health System (Toxicology Testing Center) PDF File maint_mi_0240 PDF File valid_mi_0240


Austin: Express Analytical Laboratory PDF File maint_mn_0360 PDF File valid_mn_0360
Minneapolis: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service (Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Forensic Toxicology Lab) PDF File maint_mn_0239 PDF File valid_mn_0239
St. Paul: MedTox Laboratories, Inc. PDF File maint_mn_0094 PDF File valid_mn_0094


Oxford: ElSohly Laboratories, Inc. PDF File maint_ms_0088 PDF File valid_ms_0088


Columbia: Toxicology & Drug Monitoring Lab, Univ. of Missouri Hosp. & Clinics PDF File maint_mo_0345 PDF File valid_mo_0345
Springfield: Cox Health Systems, Dept. of Toxicology PDF File maint_mo_0443 PDF File valid_mo_0443
St. Louis: Quest Diagnostics of Missouri LLC PDF File maint_mo_0323 **


Las Vegas: Associated Pathologists Laboratories, Inc. PDF File maint_nv_0148 PDF File valid_nv_0148

New Jersey

Raritan: Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings PDF File maint_nj_0153 PDF File valid_nj_0153
Teterboro: Quest Diagnostics Inc. PDF File maint_nj_0055 PDF File valid_nj_0055

New Mexico

Albuquerque: S.E.D. Medical Labs PDF File maint_nm_0296 PDF File valid_nm_0296

North Carolina

Research Triangle Park: LabCorp Occupational Testing Services, Inc. and Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings PDF File maint_nc_0077 PDF File valid_nc_0077


Cincinnati: Alliance Laboratory Services PDF File maint_oh_0044 PDF File valid_oh_0044
Toledo: Medical College Hospitals Toxicology Lab PDF File maint_oh_0396 PDF File valid_oh_0396


Oklahoma City: St. Anthony Hospital Toxicology Lab PDF File maint_ok_0168 PDF File valid_ok_0168


Eugene: Oregon Medical Labs PDF File maint_or_0306 PDF File valid_or_0306
Portland: MetroLab-Legacy Laboratory Services PDF File maint_or_0149 PDF File valid_or_0149


Norristown: SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories PDF File maint_pa_0073 PDF File valid_pa_0073
Pittsburgh: Quest Diagnostics Inc. PDF File maint_pa_0257 **
Warminster: DrugScan, Inc. PDF File maint_pa_0224 PDF File valid_pa_0224


Memphis: Advanced Toxicology Network

PDF File maint_tn_0215 PDF File valid_tn_0215
Memphis: LabCorp Occupational Testing Services, Inc. PDF File maint_tn_0249 PDF File valid_tn_0249
Nashville: Aegis Analytical Labs, Inc.


Channelview: Advanced Toxicology Network PDF File maint_tx_0466 **
Dallas: SmithKline Beecham Clinical Laboratories PDF File maint_tx_0035 PDF File valid_tx_0035
Fort Worth: PharmChem Labs Inc. PDF File maint_tx_0108 PDF File valid_tx_0108
Galveston: University of Texas Medical Branch Toxicology Lab PDF File maint_tx_0608 PDF File valid_tx_0608
Houston: LabCorp Occupational Testing Services, Inc. PDF File maint_tx_0355 PDF File valid_tx_0355
Irving: Quest Diagnostics Inc. PDF File maint_tx_0336 PDF File valid_tx_0336
Midland: Universal Toxicology Laboratories, LLC PDF File maint_tx_0210 PDF File valid_tx_0210
Temple: Scott & White Drug Testing Laboratory PDF File maint_tx_0358 PDF File valid_tx_0358


Salt Lake City: ARUP PDF File maint_ut_0030 **
Salt Lake City: NWT Drug Testing PDF File maint_ut_0074 PDF File valid_ut_0074


Chantilly: American Medical Labs, Inc. PDF File maint_va_0037 PDF File valid_va_0037
Richmond: Scientific Testing Laboratories, Inc. PDF File maint_va_0760 PDF File valid_va_0760


Seattle: Drug Proof (Div. of DynaCare/Lab. of Pathology, LLC) PDF File maint_wa_0032 PDF File valid_wa_0032
Spokane: Pathology Associates Medical Labs PDF File maint_wa_0027 PDF File valid_wa_0027


Madison: General Medical Labs

PDF File maint_wi_0119 PDF File valid_wi_0119
Marshfield: Marshfield Labs, Forensic Toxicology Lab PDF File maint_wi_0286 PDF File valid_wi_0286
West Allis: ACL Laboratories PDF File maint_wi_0039 PDF File valid_wi_0039



Edmonton: Dynacare Kasper Medical Laboratories

PDF File maint_ab_0798 PDF File valid_ab_0798


Mississauga: MAXXAM Analytics PDF File maint_on_0797 PDF File valid_on_0797
London: Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories PDF File maint_on_0898 PDF File valid_on_0898
**Validating tests were not done if maintenance test showed ...

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