Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS)

What does CMHS do?

CMHS leads Federal efforts to treat mental illnesses by promoting mental health and by preventing the development or worsening of mental illness when possible. Congress created CMHS to bring new hope to adults who have serious mental illnesses and to children with serious emotional disorders.

How does CMHS help people?

CMHS pursues its mission by helping states improve and increase the quality and range of their treatment, rehabilitation, and support services for people with mental illness, their families, and communities. Further, it encourages a range of programs-such as systems of care-to respond to the increasing number of mental, emotional, and behavioral problems among America's children. CMHS supports outreach and case management programs for the thousands of Americans with severe mental illness who are homeless and supports the development and adoption of "models" for improving services.

How can I contact CMHS?

You can contact CMHS by phone at 240-276-1310 or by fax at 240-276-1320.

Who is the Director of CMHS and how is CMHS organized?

Paolo del Vecchio, MSW (biography) is the Director of CMHS and there is an organization chart available for more information on the structure, staff and offices of CMHS.

Does CMHS have a National Advisory Council?

Yes, please see the CMHS National Advisory Council page for more information about the council and its charter.


Last updated: 08/07/2012

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