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This category is within the Freeware category, so only programs that are completely free to use should be listed here. No demos or shareware.
Web browsers are HTTP protocol clients which render documents on the World Wide Web, which are called Web pages. The most commonly used ones are graphical browsers, which can display graphics as well as text. In addition, most can also play multimedia like sounds and video, though they usually require plug-ins (add-on modules) for some formats. Web browsers often support additional protocols such as Gopher and FTP.

Please only submit websites about RSS readers (a.k.a. RSS aggregators) to this category.

If you don''t know what an RSS reader is then it is likely you are submitting to the wrong category. Unrelated sites might be rejected or face delays before being listed.

DO NOT submit RSS feeds to this category. Unless you are submitting a RSS feed about RSS readers. Instead submit the feed to the category that best matches the content of the feed.

RSS reader, also known as an aggregator, is a software application or webservice that takes RSS feeds and displays them in readable format.
Please submit all web-based bookmarks storage to Computers: Internet: WWW: Web Applications: Bookmark Managers
These sites are for various utilities which do things such as adding features on to the browser's toolbar or managing bookmarks.
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