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Coins and Medals

Something old, something new on coins and medals, just for you!

The Coins Are Coming
(Current and future coin programs)

Circulating Coins
The Circulating Coins section tells you all about the coins we use every day.
Presidential $1 Coins
The Presidential $1 Coin Program celebrates all of our past presidents.
Commemorative Coins celebrate special people, places, and events.
Native American $1 Coins
The Native American $1 Coin Program began in 2009.
Europe's Euro
Link to this page to read the story behind Europe's euro.
America the Beautiful Quarters Program
Here's the story on this program and its quarters' designs.

Coin Conservatory
(Past coin programs)

2009 Lincoln Cents
The Lincoln Bicentennial One Cent Coin Program honors Lincoln's life.
District of Columbia and the United States Territories Quarters
This is a six-coin series of quarters from 2009.
50 State Quarters® Program
The 50 State Quarters® Program celebrates each of the 50 states.
Westward Journey Nickel Series™
The Westward Journey Nickel Series™ celebrates Lewis and Clark and the Louisiana Purchase.
Bicentennial Coins
The 1975–76 Bicentennial Coin Program celebrates the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence—on three circulating coins.
Nifty Nickels
If you like nickels, the Nifty Nickels page is all about the 5-cent coin.

Coin Making

The Minting Process Revealed
Take the quick tour of the steps used in making a coin.
Birth of a Coin
Follow GW Quarter on the journey from legislation to circulation.
Real Tour of the Mint
Learn how you can tour a real United States Mint facility.

Medal Mania

Medal Mania
Medal Mania is the home of Inspector Collector's growing medals collection, grouped into categories:

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