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World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day Toolkit - December

World AIDS Day

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Photo: Two teenagers learning about World AIDS DayDecember 1 is World AIDS Day, a global initiative to encourage countries and communities to take a stand against HIV/AIDS. The fight against HIV/AIDS can be recognized not only on World AIDS Day, but all through December and every day of the year.

AIDS is the final stage of HIV infection. It can take years for a person infected with HIV to reach this stage. One in 5 of the more than one million people living with HIV in the United States is unaware of his or her infection.

HIV is passed from one person to another by:

  • Having unprotected sex (vaginal, anal, or oral) with a person who has HIV
  • Sharing needles with someone who has HIV
  • Breastfeeding, pregnancy, or childbirth if a mother has HIV
  • Getting a transfusion of blood that has HIV, which is rare in the United States

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Get the Word Out

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Find an HIV testing center. Just enter your zip code and go:
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Be sure. The only way to know if you have HIV is to get tested. Learn more:
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Q. What is AIDS?
A. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. This is the virus that causes AIDS. Learn more:

Did you know? African Americans make up only 13 percent of the U.S., yet almost half of all new HIV infections: Link
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According to @womenshealth, about 1 out of 4 Americans with HIV are women. Women are not immune. Learn more:
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Get Involved

Take action to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS.

  1. Partner with a local health center to offer free HIV testing at your worksite or organization.
  2. Host a forum with a local public health official to discuss HIV prevention and the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS.
  3. Encourage members of your organization to provide canned goods or other donations to support those living with HIV/AIDS.
  4. Host a fundraising or visibility event, such as a bake sale or community run/walk, to raise money for a local HIV/AIDS organization.
  5. Include an article in your next newsletter to increase awareness about HIV/AIDS and encourage your members to get tested.

Adapted from the World AIDS Day Campaign.
Contact the World AIDS Day Campaign. External Link at for more information and materials.

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