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Welcome to the

Law Data Community

The Law Data Community gives you access to legal data from across the Executive Branch in the form of administrative decisions, case filings, legal interpretations and agency directives. The community provides a wealth of datasets of value to legal professionals, researchers, the business community and the general public. Legal authorities covering a range of topics such as transportation, health, energy, education, public safety, housing and many others are available. In addition, advisory opinions and interpretations by agency general counsels provide insight into agencies’ current positions on the statutes and regulations they enforce. We hope that this community will be a resource to assist you in the study and understanding of how legal authorities are issued and interpreted by Federal agencies. Please come back often as additional resources in new topics are added.


Focus on Data

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The Law Data Community brings together for the first time many legal datasets that previously were not easily discoverable. Administrative decisions by agency heads,boards, and administrative law judges, as well as advisory opinions and legal interpretations by agency general counsels are distributed across various agency websites and can be difficult to discover for the general user. The Law Data Community aims to bring these resources together in a site that is searchable and easy to use so that both legal professionals and citizens can find the legal authorities that cover many essential activities, such as tax law interpretations, government contract claims, public transportation safety, and handling of hazardous materials.

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