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Interior Marble and Terrazzo Restoration

Solicitation Number: HB120088
Agency: Architect of the Capitol
Office: AOC Acquisition & Material Management Division
Location: Acquisition and Material Management Division
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Sources Sought
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THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT ONLY. This is not a solicitation announcement. No contract will be awarded from this announcement. No reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with providing information in response to this announcement.

The Architect of the Capitol is seeking contractors with a minimum of five years specialized experience in the cleaning and repair of historic stonework.  The location of the work is at the interior corridors, lobbies and stairs of the Rayburn House Office Building, located between South Capitol and 1st Street on Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC.  Corridor floors at the basement and floors 2-4 are white terrazzo with white marble borders, baseboards and door plinths.  Floors at the first floor are all white marble with honed finish white marble thresholds, baseboards and door plinths.  Stairs have white marble treads, risers, stringers and landings.  Entrance and elevator lobbies have full height honed finish white marble walls and white marble or white marble and terrazzo floors.  There are random honed finish white marble door surrounds throughout the corridors at all floors.  The work consists of the complete restoration of the interior stone and terrazzo, including but not limited to the removal of extraneous nails, screws, anchors, adhesive, non-skid strips, etc., temporary removal and reinstallation of signage that is demountable and in-place protection of all other signage or wall mounted plaques, call buttons, etc., that cannot be removed to allow cleaning of wall marble, removal of wax and soiling at interior marble floors, baseboards, door plinths, stair treads and risers, and benches and terrazzo floors, general cleaning to remove soiling at marble walls, baseboards, door plinths, door surrounds, and stair treads and risers and benches, general cleaning and polishing of marble and terrazzo floors at corridors, elevator and escalator lobbies, and stair landings, protection of surrounding materials not being cleaned, including but not limited to signage, plaques, doors and frames, thresholds, painted plaster, stair railings, balusters, carpet, etc.

All interested offerors shall submit a description of a minimum of three projects completed within the past five years for buildings at least 50 years old. The projects shall be similar to the work of this section and have been performed on materials the same as for this project. Submit the name of the building/project, the scope and date of the work performed, the name of the architect, owner or supervisor, the approximate cost of the work, and a description of the materials and methods used to perform the work.  The contractor shall submit the names and qualifications of each of the personnel proposed to perform the work.  Only those personnel whose qualifications have been submitted and approved will be allowed to perform the work.  Projects must demonstrate the individual's capabilities and qualifications to perform the work.


An Accord Insurance Summary Form, detailing Insurance carrier, policy numbers, etc, including Limits of Liability, must be submitted within 10 days of contract award.  

Contractors with the capability of providing services described above are invited to submit, in writing, sufficient information which demonstrates their ability to fulfill the requirements. Capability Statements shall be limited to no more than three (3) pages.  Standard brochures will not be considered a sufficient response to this notice.  Capability Statements should include the following:  (1) Name of vendor; (2) DUNS Number; (3) Business Size; (4) Contact Information; (5) Description of the capabilities possessed for meeting this requirement.  Contractors should submit an electronic copy of the requested information to Carmelita E. Wesley, at  no later than 6:00 P.M., EST, September 7, 2012.  No feedback or evaluations will be provided regarding the information provided.

All respondents must be registered in the Central Contractor's Registration (CCR) file, which may be accomplished via the Internet at

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