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Searching for Group Practices

Here are some tips that will help you search for group practices:

Step 1: Enter Location

You may search for Group Practices while on this Web site. You may enter a ZIP code or a city and state in the "Location" field (this is a required step).

Step 2: Select Provider Type

Once you have entered the location, you can search for Group Practices by choosing “Group Practice” on the Home Page (this is a required step).

You may select the blue "Search Group Practices" button to continue with your search or, alternatively, see Step 3 below on how to provide additional optional search criteria when searching for Group Practices.

Screenshot of required Group Practice search criteria

Step 3: Enter Optional Search Criteria

You will have Optional Search Criteria allowing you to find a Group Practice by:

  • Medicare Assignment: You have the option to search for Group Practices who accept the Medicare-approved amount as payment in full or choose "Show all Medicare Group Practices."
  • Group Practice Name: You can enter a Group Practice's full last name or partial spelling (at least 2 characters).

Once you have chosen your "Optional Search Criteria" you may select the blue "Search Group Practices" button.

Screenshot of optional group practice search criteria

After you click the blue "Search Group Practices" button, a "Group Practice Results" page should be displayed. This page contains a list of Group Practices, their practice locations, and phone numbers. You can also see a list of affiliated providers in the "Get More Information" section. For Group Practices with more than one location there is an "Group Practice Locations" link that you can click to see all of the locations listed under the Group Practice.

The “Group Practice Results” page also has a “Map & Directions” link that allows you to get directions to the listed address. There is also an “Add to My Favorites” option which allows users to add the Group Practice to their favorites table in If you are logged into, then you will be navigated to pages, and if you are not logged into then you will be navigated to the login page. In addition, the “Group Practice Results” will tell you if the provider accepts the Medicare-approved amount (there is a clipboard with an “M” icon to indicate this), and the “Group Practice Locations”.

Search results are limited to 500 practice locations, and 10 Group Practices are displayed on each page.

Screenshot of group practices search results

Step 4: Choose Group Practices to Compare

Select the Group Practices you would like to compare (maximum of 3) on the Group Practices page. Once you have made your selection(s). click the "Compare Now" button to proceed.

Screenshot of modifying group practice search results

Step 5: Compare Group Practices

This page will provide you with different types of informaton to compare. such as affiliated Providers. Practice Locations, and Medicare Assignment status.

The Group Practices you selected to compare will appear as column headers on the page.

Screenshot of modifying group practice search results

Step 6: View Group Practice Profile

If you would like more detailed information on one of the Group Practices, click on the Group Practice name on the Results or Compare Page. You will be taken to a “Group Practice Profile” page that will provide you with the following data:

  • Group Practice name
  • Medicare Assignment information and icon
  • Practice Location Addresses and Phone Numbers
  • Map and Directions
  • Affiliated Providers

Screenshot of modifying group practice search results

Step 7: Modify Your Results

You will be able to modify your search results if you are not satisfied with the search results from your original search. With the Modify Your Results section you have the option to modify:

  • Location: You will be able to keep or change your ZIP code or city, state. You may also change the radius that you are searching in (the range is between 1 and 25 miles).
  • Medicare Assignment: This option allows you to search for group Practices who accept the Medicare-approved amount as payment in full or choose "Show all Medicare Providers."
  • Group Practice Name: you can enter the name of a Group Practice or a partial spelling of at least 2 characters.

Once you have made the modifications of your choice, please click the blue “Update Results” button.

Screenshot of modifying group practice search results