Grants Management Branch (GMB)

Pamela FlemingPamela Fleming
Branch Chief

What We Do:

The Grants Management Branch provides effective management and stewardship of NIDA's extramural grant resources, and exceptional customer service to our NIDA colleagues and grantees.

The GMB performs the following functions:

  • Develops, implements, and coordinates the application of Institute standards, methods, and procedures for the management of grants and cooperative agreements
  • Interprets grants management and cooperative agreement policies for Institute personnel
  • Provides guidance to Institute staff, applicants, and grantees on the management and administrative aspects of grant and cooperative agreement programs
  • Reviews grant and cooperative agreement applications, grantee reports of expenditures, and active grant projects to ensure compliance with NIH, PHS, and DHHS policies and procedures
  • Executes grant award and cooperative agreement documents
  • Prepares recurring and special reports and maintains records relating to grant applications and awards
  • Maintains the Institute's grant and cooperative agreement activities
  • Reviews audit reports submitted by higher levels
  • Performs data input activities for NIH management information systems
  • Represents the Institute in meetings relating to policies affecting grants management

If you currently have an active NIDA grant you can locate the name of your grants management specialist on your Notice of Award.

If you have submitted a grant application and have a grants management question, you can locate your grants management specialist in the eRA Commons, in Status, under Contacts.

Subject Matter Expert Contact List

Grants Management Branch
Name Title Phone Areas of Responsibility
Pamela Fleming Chief Grants Management Officer (GMO) (301) 253-8729
  • Oversight of NIDA grants, T awards, GMB representative to the RTC, Change of Grantee Institution, UH2/UH3
Carol Alderson Deputy GMO (301) 933-6196
  • K awards, K99/R00, GMB representative to the RTC, DP1s, PATS
Yinka Abu Grants Management Specialist (301) 595-0572
  • GMB alternate to the RTC, F&A rates/Exclusions
Debra Battle-Dudley Grants Management Specialist (202) 722-4093
  • R13 and R15
Maryellen Connell Grants Management Specialist (301) 774-3803
  • Merit, Stale Obligations
Edith Davis Grants Management Specialist (410) 360-4734
  • IMPAC II Representative, NIDA Division and Office IT Group, Cooperative Agreements
Suezette Epps Grants Management Specialist (301) 617-3882
  • F awards
Nadia Felix Extramural Support Assistant (301) 435-1378
  • X-train
Diana Haikalis Grants Management Specialist (301) 435-1373
  • SBIR Coordinator, Foreign grants/components
Christine Kidd Grants Management Specialist (301) 435-1372
  • Roadmap/Blueprint
Cheryl Nathaniel Grants Management Specialist (202) 526-0108
  • NIDA electronic files Coordinator, K99/ROO, PATS, Roadmap/Blueprint
Ericka Wells Grants Management Specialist (410) 254-1853
  • R21/R33
Deborah Wertz Grants Management Specialist (301) 649-1715
  • Clinical Trials Coordinator, Centers
Heidi Young Grants Management Specialist (703) 243-5024
  • IMPAC II Coordinator, NIDA Division and Office IT Group, R25s, PI changes/multi-pi, level of effort

NIDA Just in Time

"Just-in-time" refers to information that NIDA requests after an application has been peer reviewed and is within a range of possible funding. Receiving a just-in-time request does not guarantee or indicate in any way whether an applicant will get an award. Details on NIDA's Just-in-time information is found here. This list is not inclusive and NIDA may request additional information on a case-by-case basis. For additional details on Just-in-time, please see NIH Notice NOT-OD-12-101 "Notice of Requirement for Electronic Submission of Just-in-Time Information and Related Business Process Changes Beginning April 20, 2012."

Prior Approval Requests

Please see below for the NIDA requirements for these prior approval requests. Also, please see the NIH Grants Policy Statement (rev. 10/2010) 8.1 Changes in Project and Budget for information about post-award changes to your NIDA grant.


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