What is Open Data?

Leading public sector innovators are leveraging Socrata’s purpose-built cloud, platform and social technologies to deliver better citizen access to information, modernize online service delivery and improve internal efficiencies. We call the transformation of your data assets into productive information resources that people can easily access, share and reuse, Open Data.

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Open Data Developers

You get immediate and uniform programmatic access to government datasets. You don’t worry about maintaining data. It’s automatically updated. You choose which data formats and programming languages to use. You have access to technical resources and a community of peers for support. Learn more about the open-standards, non-proprietary, RESTful Socrata Open Data API (SODA).

More time to build apps. Less time worrying about the data. Learn more.

Featured Resources

Open Data Insights – Learn what citizens, developers and government employees have to say about Open Data. Explore the findings from the Open Government Data Benchmark Study and download the report.