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Tools & Resources

Shared Services

  • Web Content Management System (WCMS)
    Use WCMS to facilitate the processes for creation, organization, posting and approval of content. Percussion CM System is an enterprise web content management platform that helps government power cutting-edge websites. Percussion’s CMS allows non-technical users to take control of content and presentation, provides unparalleled control over how web content is used.
    Contact: Olexiy (Alex) Karakcheyev
  • Web Site Development, Web Crawler, 508 and Graphics Support BPA
    Use this BPA to create task orders for work that supports all phases of the STAFF/OPTDIVS web presence. Whether it's graphics support, web development, 508 testing, usability tests, training, and/or maintenance, the BPA should cover the organizations needs.
    Contact: Yvette Haire
  • Accenture Digital Diagnostics Compliance Monitor (web crawler)
    Check 508 accessibility for individuals with disabilities and detect broken links, spelling errors, slow loading pages, and other problems that affect site usability.
    Contact: Kevin Tzeng
  • HHS 508 Lab
    Test documents and Web pages for 508 compliance and accessibility using the WCD collection of assistive and evaluative technologies.
    Contact: Doug McDonald to schedule an appointment.
  • Google Maps API Premier
    Google Maps is a web mapping service application and technology provided by Google.
    Google Maps API Premier provides Enterprise-ready application support for your mapping application needs and allows you to integrate maps in any web-application or website. Advanced technologies, such as fusion tables, populate geospatial data to the end user's browser fast, with no client side intense processing. It is a mobile friendly solution.
    Contact: Olexiy (Alex) Karakcheyev  /


  • Web Metrics
    WCD measures website traffic data using Google Analytics.  We supplement our clickstream data with other tools including CrazyEgg (a click- and scroll-tracking tool that measures effectiveness of your design and content layout).
    Contact: Kaya Walton
  • Use of Persistent Cookies for Website Performance Measurement
    Measure multiple sessions of your site visitors to gain insights on how they are coming to your site and what they are looking for.  We have Department-wide approval to use persistent cookies for the purpose of web metrics reporting and analysis; this only applies to websites that do not collect personally identifiable information (PII). 
    You will have to update your privacy policy to comply with OMB guidelines or link to the HHS privacy policy.
    Contact: Kaya Walton
  • OMB-Approved Fast Track Online Customer Satisfaction Survey
    Use this survey to measure visitor satisfaction and gather user feedback on your websites.   You will need to collect an Information Collection form, which will be reviewed and approved by WCD and OMB, and your surveys should not collect PII.  This fast-track clearance only applies to surveys on OS websites; OPDIVs can contact WCD for guidance on how to get fast-track clearances.
    Contact: Kaya Walton


  • Google Search Appliance (GSA) - provides fast, relevant search across multiple Departmental Web sites to help the public find information and services available across the entire HHS Web. It is an on-premise, easy-to-deploy solution. GSA provides with high relevancy search results right out of the box, easy to customize to meet your specific needs, and scales easily as your content grows.
    Contact: Olexiy (Alex) Karakcheyev


  • Usability Lab - HHS maintains two fully-equipped test labs that are available to all HHS offices and programs at no charge.  We also make these labs available to other federal agencies. Because the labs are in high demand, we advise you to schedule lab time well in advance of your intended website launch date.
    Contact: or call (202)708-0102