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Monday, September 17th
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Property Traded on an Established Market

This document contains final regulations that apply to determine when property is traded on an established market for purposes of determining the issue price of a debt instrument. The regulations amend the current regulations to clarify the circumstances that cause property to be publicly traded.

Identification and Listing of Hazardous Waste

The Environmental Protection Agency is granting the petition submitted by International Business Machines Corporation to exclude or "delist" a certain wastewater treatment sludge generated by its facility in Essex Junction, Vermont from the lists of hazardous wastes.

NAICS and Size Standards

DoD, GSA, and NASA are issuing a final rule amending the Federal Acquisition Regulation to clarify that new North American Industry Classification System codes are not available for use in Federal contracting until the Small Business Administration publishes corresponding industry size standards.

Reopening of the 2012 Commercial Sector for Yellowtail Snapper

NMFS reopens the 2012 commercial sector for yellowtail snapper in the South Atlantic exclusive economic zone. NMFS previously determined the commercial ACL for yellowtail snapper would be reached by September 11, 2012, and closed the commercial sector for yellowtail snapper in the South Atlantic EEZ at 12:01 a.m. on September 11, 2012.

Holiday Mobile Shopping Promotion

The Postal Service will revise the Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual to add a new temporary promotion during November of 2012 for Presorted and automation First-Class Mail cards, letters, and flats, and Standard Mail letters and flats bearing two-dimensional mobile barcodes or equivalent print technology.

Specifications for Medical Examinations of Underground Coal Miners

This final rule modifies the Department of Health and Human Services regulations for medical examinations of underground coal miners. Existing regulations established specifications for providing, interpreting, classifying, and submitting film-based roentgenograms of underground coal miners.

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