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National Library of Medicine Technical BulletinNational Library of Medicine Technical Bulletin

Articles About Environmental Health & Toxicology

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National Library of Medicine Ends Its Support for ToxSeek, 2012 Mar-Apr

New WISER Updates - iPhone/iPod Touch & WebWISER, 2012 Mar-Apr

Enviro-Health Links Page on Tobacco, Smoking, and Health, 2012 Mar-Apr

Mobile TOXNET Access , 2012 Jan-Feb

The National Library of Medicine TOXMAP and TOXNET Now Include 2010 EPA Toxics Release, 2012 Jan-Feb

Tox Town Introduces New US Southwest Neighborhood, 2012 Jan-Feb

TOXMAP: Learn About Toxic Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing, 2011 Nov-Dec

New NLM Enviro-Health Links Page: Developing and Using Medicines for Children, 2011 Sep-Oct

National Library of Medicine WISER for Android Released, 2011 Jul-Aug

National Library of Medicine Releases Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management (CHEMM), 2011 Jul-Aug

NLM Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed) Now Contains Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Products , 2011 Jul-Aug

NLM Resource: Haz-Map Update, 2011 May-Jun

NLM Resource: New Online and Mobile Versions of REMM (Radiation Emergency Medical Management), 2011 Mar-Apr

NLM Resource: Chemical Structure Images Now Available, 2011 Mar-Apr

NLM Resource: WISER 4.4 Now Available, 2011 Mar-Apr

New Enviro-Health Link Pages Released, 2011 Mar-Apr

NLM TOXMAP and TOXNET Now Include 2009 EPA Toxics Release Inventory Data, 2011 Jan-Feb

NLM Division of Specialized Information Services Web Pages Refresh, 2010 Sep-Oct

NLM Resource: Animals in Disasters, Bed Bugs and Pesticides , 2010 Sep-Oct

NLM Resource Update: Crude Oil and Dispersants Added to the Hazardous Substances Data Bank, 2010 Sep-Oct

NLM Resource Update: TOXMAP Now Includes Updated Superfund, Mortality Data, and New Classroom Exercises, 2010 Jul-Aug

NLM Resource Update: WISER for BlackBerry, 2010 Jul-Aug

NLM Household Products Database Now Includes 10,000 Brand Name Products, 2010 Jul-Aug

New NLM Web Site Sponsored by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Now Available, 2010 Jul-Aug

NLM Resource Update: New App for Health Hotlines, 2010 May-Jun

New App for the Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders (WISER), 2010 May-Jun

NLM Resource Update: REMM Now Available as a Free iPhone/iPod touch App, 2010 May-Jun

NLM Resource Update: Name Change for REMM, 2010 May-Jun

New NLM Enviro-Health Links Page: Climate Change and Human Health, 2010 May-Jun

NLM Resource Update: Information on "Crude Oil Spills and Human Health" Now Available, 2010 May-Jun

NLM Resource Update: Toxicology, 2010 Mar-Apr

New version of NLM Radiation Event Medical Management, 2010 Mar-Apr

NLM Resource: Tox Town — Bisphenol A (BPA) Page, 2010 Mar-Apr

NLM Resource — Updated Toxicology and Environmental Health Page, 2010 Mar-Apr

NLM Resource: New Enviro-Health Links Pages, 2010 Jan-Feb

NLM Resource: TOXMAP Update, 2010 Jan-Feb

NLM Resource: Haiti Earthquake Health Information, 2010 Jan-Feb

NLM Resource: Haz-Map Update, 2010 Jan-Feb

NLM Resource: ToxLearn Now Available, 2009 Nov-Dec

NLM Resource: Updated WISER for Windows 4.3 Now Available, 2009 Nov-Dec

NLM Resource: Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB) Added First Set of Nanomaterial Records, 2009 Nov-Dec

NLM Resource: WISER 4.3 is Now Available, 2009 Sep-Oct

NLM Resource: Updated Mortality Data in TOXMAP, 2009 Jul-Aug

NLM Resource — Videocast of the Hazardous Substances Data Bank Symposium, 2009 May-Jun

NLM Resource — TOXMAP Now Includes TRI 2007, 2009 Mar-Apr

NLM Resource — Dietary Supplements Labels Database, 2009 Jan-Feb

NLM Resource — Information on Possible Human Health Effects of Fly (Coal) Ash, 2009 Jan-Feb

REMM Available for Mobile Devices, 2008 Nov-Dec

NLM Resource — Drug Information Portal, 2008 Nov-Dec

NLM Resource — TOXMAP: Interface Improvements, 2008 Sep-Oct

NLM Resource — Haz-Map Update, 2008 Sep-Oct

NLM Resource — TOXLINE: Direct Link to Document Ordering Pages for EPA TSCA Inventory Reports, 2008 Sep-Oct

ToxMystery: New Homepage in Spanish, 2008 Jul-Aug

New NLM Enviro-Health Link on Disaster Recovery and Environmental Health, 2008 May-Jun

The Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG2008), 2008 May-Jun

NLM Resource Update: Enviro-Health Link/Hazards of Mercury, 2008 May-Jun

TOXMAP: Now Includes TRI 2006, Updated Health Data, 2008 May-Jun

NLM Disaster Information Management Research Center (DIMRC) Web Site, 2008 Mar-Apr

Radiation Event Medical Management (REMM) Update, 2008 Mar-Apr

Women's Health Resources from NLM, 2008 Mar-Apr

NLM Resource Update — NLM Drug Information Portal, 2008 Jan-Feb

NLM Resource Update — TOXMAP: New Health Data, Roads, 2008 Jan-Feb

NLM Resource Update — Special Populations: Emergency and Disaster Preparedness, 2008 Jan-Feb

Carcinogenic Potency Database Now Accessible via TOXNET, 2008 Jan-Feb

National Library of Medicine Resource Update: Dietary Supplements Labels Database, 2007 Sep-Oct

WISER for Smartphone Is Now Available, 2007 Sep-Oct

View TRI Facilities and Superfund Sites in San Diego County, CA , 2007 Sep-Oct

Web Resources on California Wildfires from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) , 2007 Sep-Oct

Toxie the Cat Can Now Speak Spanish/ Toxie the Cat Ahora Habla Español, 2007 Sep-Oct

New Version of TOXMAP Released, 2007 Sep-Oct

New Enviro-Health Link on the Hazards of Arts and Crafts Materials, 2007 Jul-Aug

IUPAC "Glossary of Terms Used in Toxicology" Added to NLM Web Site, 2007 Jul-Aug

WISER 3.1 Now Available, 2007 Jul-Aug

ChemIDplus Update, 2007 May-Jun

Skill Kit: Basic Searching of the Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB), 2007 Mar-Apr

New Look for NLM's TOXNET Search Results Page, 2007 Mar-Apr

TOXMAP Now Includes 2005 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Data, 2007 Mar-Apr

NLM Resource Update: Haz-Map, 2007 Mar-Apr

2005 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Now Available on TOXNET, 2007 Mar-Apr

DIRLINE Offers A to Z List of Health Organizations , 2007 Mar-Apr

Drugs and Lactation Database (LactMed) Expanded, 2007 Mar-Apr

HHS Launches Web Site for Medical Responses to Radiation Emergencies, 2007 Mar-Apr

Enhanced ToxSeek Meta-Search Engine and Clustering Tool Now Available, 2007 Mar-Apr

Tox Town Adds New Port Neighborhood, 2007 Jan-Feb

New Version of WISER (2.3) Available, 2006 Nov-Dec

Improved Location Data in TOXMAP, 2006 Nov-Dec

HSDB Ionizing Radiation Series Added, 2006 Nov-Dec

ToxMystery: A New Interactive Learning Site for Young Kids, 2006 Sep-Oct

New Look for TOXMAP Maps, 2006 Sep-Oct

TOXLINE Unified, 2006 Jul-Aug

Skill Kit: Overview of Resources from the Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program (TEHIP) , 2006 May-Jun

RSS News Feed and Quick Tour Now Available from the NLM Division of Specialized Information Services, 2006 Mar-Apr

WISER Version 2.2 Available for Download, 2006 Mar-Apr

LactMed: A New Database on Drugs and Lactation from NLM, 2006 Mar-Apr

2004 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Data Released on NLM's TOXNET, 2006 Mar-Apr

Importing TOXLINE Special Citations into Reference Manager®, 2006 Mar-Apr

TOXMAP Adds New Chemical and Health Data, 2006 Mar-Apr

Environmental Health Concerns on the Farm: The Newest Neighborhood for Tox Town , 2006 Jan-Feb

NLM's® Household Products Database and HazMap® Updated, 2005 Nov-Dec

NLM Resource Update: TOXNET, 2005 Nov-Dec

NLM WebWISER Makes WISER Available on the Internet, 2005 Nov-Dec

New Design for ALTBIB (Bibliography on Alternatives to the Use of Live Vertebrates in Biomedical Research and Testing) , 2005 Sep-Oct

New Design for ALTBIB (Bibliography on Alternatives to the Use of Live Vertebrates in Biomedical Research and Testing), 2005 Sep-Oct

NLM Gateway Adds Five New Searchable Resources, 2005 Sep-Oct

New Version of NLM Gateway Released, 2005 Sep-Oct

US-Mexico Border" Neighborhood Added to NLM's Tox Town, 2005 Sep-Oct

New PDA Version of Genes and Disease Added to NCBI Bookshelf, 2005 Jul-Aug

New Version of TOXMAP Available, 2005 Jul-Aug

New Web site Design Released for NLM's Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS) , 2005 May-Jun

FAQs Now Offered for TOXNET Databases, 2005 Mar-Apr

New Toxicology and Environmental Health Web Resources Available, 2005 Mar-Apr

NLM Mobile, 2005 Mar-Apr

TOXMAP: A Geographic Information System (GIS) Tool for Exploring Environmental Health Data, 2005 Jan-Feb

ChemIDplus Update, 2004 Sep-Oct

TOXNET®'s TRI Now Includes Reporting Year 2002 , 2004 Sep-Oct

NLM Gateway Searches TOXLINE® Special, 2004 Mar-Apr

New TOXNET Resource: International Toxicity Estimates for Risk (ITER) Database, 2004 Mar-Apr

PubMed® LinkOut Display for Links to HSDB® Updated, 2004 Mar-Apr

Review of PDA Applications in Toxicology and Environmental Health, 2004 Mar-Apr

Hazardous Substances Data Bank Chemicals Available via LinkOut, 2003 Nov-Dec

Household Products Database Launched , 2003 Jul-Aug

New City Scene Added to Tox Town Web Site , 2003 Jul-Aug

NLM Launches Asian American Health Site, 2003 May-Jun

Chemicals, Jobs and Diseases (Haz-Map), 2003 Jan-Feb

New Biological Warfare Web Site, 2002 Jan-Feb

Changes in the Treatment of Chemical Data in MEDLINE®, 2001 Nov-Dec

NLM Creates Web Site for Arctic Health, 2001 Nov-Dec

ChemIDplus: A Web-Based Chemical Search System® Databases, 2000 Mar-Apr

ELHILL and TOXNET Direct Access End September 30, 1999, 1999 Sep-Oct

TRI97 Available on TOXNET, 1999 Jul-Aug

Direct Access to ELHILL and TOXNET Command/Menu Systems Ceases on September 30, 1999, 1999 May-Jun

TRI97 to Join TOXNET in Early July 1999; TRI87-94 & TRIFACTS to be Retired from NLM, 1999 May-Jun

NLM Discontinues Direct Access to ELHILL and TOXNET Command/Menu Systems on September 30, 1999 , 1999 Mar-Apr

TOXLINE Files Rebuilt to Include 1999 MeSH, 1999 Mar-Apr

RTECS access via the Web Discontinued , 1998 Nov-Dec

Year-End Processing of Stored Searches, Changes to Automatic SDIs and Saved Searches - ELHILL MEDLARS System , 1998 Sep-Oct

Free TOXNET Web Interface, 1998 Jul-Aug

TRI96 on TOXNET, 1998 Jul-Aug

TOXLINE Rebuilt, 1998 May-Jun

TOXNET Moved to New Computer Platform, 1998 May-Jun

CHEMLINE® and TOXLIT® Retire , 1997 Sep-Oct

New TOXNET DISPLAY Command, 1997 Sep-Oct

New TOXNET DISPLAY Command, 1997 Sep-Oct

Revised HSDB Reference Guide Available, 1997 Sep-Oct

ChemID Adds the EPA Master Testing List to SUPERLIST , 1997 May-Jun

TOXLINE Rebuilt, 1997 May-Jun

Searching for Chemicals in MEDLARS® Databases, 1997 Jan-Feb

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