CIO Directives and Policies

How to Start an IT Project at CMS

If you are a CMS employee and have an idea that requires a technical solution, the Division of IT Governance can help get you started. Whether you want to enhance the functionality of an existing system or provide a new capability, you can start by completing the IT Intake Request Form.

The Division of IT Governance Project Management Office (PMO) facilitates the intake of IT project requests, meets with appropriate technical staff to determine the best course of action for your project, and works with you to help you navigate the IT Investment Life Cycle (ILC).

Within the Information Technology section, CMS provides important information regarding the following topics:

Access to CMS Data & Applications - provides information regarding CMS' support of contractor data communications and access to specific applications such as the Medicare Remit Easy Print (MREP) and Medicare Beneficiary Eligibility Inquiries (270/271).

Data Administration - provides detailed information to support the creation, utilization, and maintenance of CMS' data resources.

Database Administration - provides detailed information regarding CMS' DBA roles and responsibilities, as well as standards and guidelines for each type of database that CMS supports.

Enterprise Architecture - provides information about CMS' Enterprise Architecture and the many ways it supports improved information technology (IT) investment management at CMS.

HIPAA Eligibility Transaction System (HETS) Help (270/271) - provides technical system support to CMS business partners for the initiation, implementation, and operation of Medicare HETS User Interface and HETS 270/271 - Extranet Transaction Submission.

Individuals Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (IACS) - provides information regarding secure, high-quality identity management and authentication services to protect CMS systems and data.

Information Security - provides a comprehensive set of established policies, standards, and guidance that outline and define the Agency's Information Security Program objectives and requirements.

MMA Systems Help - provides technical system support to CMS business partners for the implementation and operation of Medicare Parts C and D.

System Lifecycle Framework - provides detailed information regarding CMS' IT investment and system life cycle management policies, processes, procedures, deliverables/artifacts, reviews, resources, and standards.

Additional information related to other general IT topics are also available from within this Information Technology - General Information section.  For example, detailed information and guidance regarding Section 508 EIT Accessibility and formally-issued CIO Directives can be found within this general corresponding website section.

Reference the Downloads section below for Modernizing CMS Computer and Data Systems to Support Improvements in Care Delivery, dated December 23, 2010,responding to the Affordable Care Act's Section 10330 and providing a detailed plan for updating CMS computer and data systems for delivering 21st century health care. It describes a methodology for CMS to engage in the necessary collaboration and planning to accomplish an enterprise transformation. The enterprise coordination and joint engineering will result in delivery of better health care services and, ultimately, reduced costs, through reuse, less redundancy, improved quality, tighter security, enforced privacy, and interoperability with federal and state partners.