XLC Process Overview

CMS is committed to strengthening its system development life cycle processes. With the increasing need to respond quickly to business demands, CMS created the Expedited Life Cycle (XLC) to help coordinate and develop IT projects.


  • Flexibility: through reviews and oversight tailored to project complexity you will have the ability to move faster on simpler projects that carry less risk.
  • Enhanced process clarity: through the Project Process Agreement (PPA), completed in the beginning stages of your project and then refined as the project is underway, you will know exactly what you need to do and when.
  • Enhanced support: the Division of IT Governance (DITG) and other support staff can help you through the process and avoid pitfalls and problems early.
  • Enhanced predictability: by providing oversight and support early in the project’s life cycle, we will help you avoid costly and time consuming issues down the road. The integration of your project into the CMS system—including security and privacy needs—will be significantly smoother and more transparent.

The CMS XLC Detailed Description Document provides detailed information regarding all aspects of the XLC. The intention of this website is to communicate general concepts and provide easy access to the tools you need to do your work.

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How do I start a project?

How do I get a Guidance Officer to assist with my project?

How do I schedule an XLC review?

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