How to Report Fraud

The Medicaid Program provides medical benefits to low-income people who have no medical insurance or inadequate medical insurance. Although the Federal government establishes general guidelines for the program, the Medicaid program requirements are actually established by each state.

Health care fraud and abuse may involve doctors, pharmacists, and medical equipment companies.  This type of fraud and abuse not only harms you financially, but more importantly, your health.  

Success in addressing health care fraud and abuse cannot be measured solely by convictions obtained, but can be more effectively measured by the deterrent effect that efforts have on those who may be contemplating fraud and abuse.  Anyone with information on Medicaid fraud and abuse is encouraged to contact their Medicaid state agency.

The following links on the left-hand navigation bar will provide you with information on how to report Medicaid fraud and abuse and will also provide you with information on how you can help in preventing fraud and abuse: How to Report Suspected Fraud; Most Common "Rip Offs" and Fraud Schemes; and Tips to Help Prevent Fraud.  

Two options are provided for obtaining contact information to report fraud and abuse. One option is the State Fraud and Abuse Contact Report (click on "Downloads" below) which provides contact information for both the State Medicaid Agencies and the Medicaid Fraud Control Units.

The other option is the State Contacts link (click on "Related Links Inside CMS" below) which connects to the CMS Contacts Database which provides only the contact information for State Medicaid Agencies. After clicking on State Contacts, choose the respective State/Territory. For Contact Type, choose "General Professional Contact," and for Organization Type, choose "Medicaid - Report Fraud." Then, click on the "Show Contacts" button.