MLN FFS Provider Partnership Program

What is the FFS Provider Partnership Program? Why Should I Join?

The Medicare Fee-For-Service (FFS) Provider Partnership Program is one of the ways CMS strives to ensure FFS healthcare professionals are kept apprised of the latest Medicare news and information. We have found that one of the best ways to reach our provider audience is through collaborative work with national healthcare professional associations, via our Provider Partnership Program. 

The primary goals of the Provider Partnership Program are:

  1. Maintain contact with our Provider Partners;
  2. Be proactive and responsive to our members' needs;
  3. Provide weekly (and sometimes more frequent) email highlights of new FFS news; and
  4. Use feedback on FFS-related issues to improve regulations and policy.


What is a Provider Partner?

Provider Partners are typically national organizations representing providers who participate in the Medicare FFS program, who agree to assist CMS educate the provider community. Professional associations who begin a Provider Partnership with CMS are automatically signed-up to receive our weekly Medicare FFS Provider e-News newsletter (see tab to left to learn more about the e-News).

The Provider Partnership Program is managed by the CMS Division of Provider Relations & Outreach (DPRO) — a division of CMS’ Provider Communications Group (PCG).  In addition to managing the Provider Partnership Program, DPRO develops and implements national provider education campaigns on various Medicare FFS-related subjects, and has various mechanisms in place to ensure educational materials reach the appropriate audiences.  We always look to our Provider Partners for feedback on our communications methods and the quality of our messaging. All feedback is confidential and helps us improve the information we share with providers. Participation in the program is voluntary. 

For individual providers or local issues, your local Medicare contractor (carrier, fiscal intermediary, or Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC)) is a valuable source of news and information regarding Medicare business in your specific practice location. Through their email lists, your local contractor can quickly provide you with information pertinent to your geographic area, such as local coverage determinations and local provider education activities. Find contact information for the MACs and other CMS contractors at Provider Compliance Interactive Map by selecting your state from the drop down menu.