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Public Involvement

NHLBI Activities with Public Interest Organizations | Public Interest News | Public Involvement and the NIH

NHLBI Activities with Public Interest Organizations

To enhance public input and involvement in NHLBI activities, the NHLBI has begun holding annual meetings with representatives of public interest organizations.

From Public Advocacy To Research Priorities NHLBI Listens And Responds — A brief history of how the NHLBI has worked with public interest organizations (PIOs) over the years to develop and support research programs to address a wide range of diseases.

In order to facilitate and stimulate your communications with NHLBI-related public interest organizations, we are providing a list of them.

Public Interest News

To keep informed about NHLBI research, activities, and changes to the NHLBI website, check out the FYI from the NHLBI.

September 2011

Public Involvement and the NIH

The NIH Offices of Public Liaison provides outreach to constituency groups and serves as a contact point for the public with regard to NIH-wide policy matters.

The NIH Office of Communications and Public Liaison

Through the NIH Director's Council of Public Representatives, the NIH offers a public forum for discussing issues including

  • priority setting,
  • clinical trials and managed care,
  • privacy and genetics,
  • and health disparities among various populations.

Please send us your feedback, comments, and questions by using the appropriate link on the page, Contact the NHLBI.

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Last Updated 9/14/11

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