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related to Recovery Act spending and allows for the reporting of potential fraud, waste, and abuse.

 Focus Groups and Usability Testing

In September 2009,  the Recovery Board hired an independent moderator to conduct focus groups and usability testing.  When the was redesigned in October 2010, the same moderator conducted another series of focus groups. The goal, in both instances, was to gather feedback from the public and other groups and their recommendations on how to improve 

 2010 Focus Groups
Two two-hour sessions were conducted in Baltimore, Memphis, Detroit, and Phoenix.  A total of 69 participants represented a range of interested citizens, as well as current and potential recipients of Recovery Act Awards.


Gender & Ethnicity of focus group participants - Asian:1 male, 0 female; Black/African American: 7 male, 10 female; Caucasion/White:25 male, 17 female; Hispanic/Latino: 3 male, 6 female Ages of Focus Group Participants - 18-24:5; 25-34:15; 35-44:13; 45-54:20; 55-64:11; 65+:5;
Education Levels of Focus Group Participants - High School:3; Some College:5; Associates:1; Pursuing Bachelors:1; Bachelors:29; Masters:26; JD/PHD/MD:4; Household Income of Focus Group Participants - under $35k:6; $35k-$45k:3; $45k-$60k:9; $60-$80k:18; $80-$100k:10; $100k+:17; Declined:6;


2009 Focus Groups
Two two-hour sessions were convened in Boston, Dayton, Dallas, Richmond, and Sacramento. A total 105 participants represented a range of education and income levels, ethnicities, and physical abilities/disabilities.



Gender, Race and Ethnicity of Focus Group Participants, September 2009: Native Americans:  5 male, 4 female; Asian: 10 male, 7 female; Black or African American: 23 male, 9 female; White: 20 male, 26 female; Hispanic: 4 male, 10 female.
Household Income of Focus Group Participants, September 2009: Under $35,000: 25; $35,000 to $45,000: 20; $45,000 - $60,000: 15; $60,000 to $80,000: 22; $80,000 to $100,000: 14; over $100,000: 20; did not disclose: 2.



2009 Usability Testing
The researchers conducted 72 remote, one-on-one interviews with users who represented a cross-section of the public.  

See the full 2009 report:  Discovery and Usability Research Findings (PDF 2.0 MB)