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Ever hungry and the vending machine is your only option? Here are some tips on what to eat and what not to eat:...

Send a health tips e-card to a loved one today. offers free -cards with health tips at

Eighteen years ago today, the landmark Violence Against Women Act was signed into law. Statement by Biden:

Forget your age! is good for everyone, including older adults. helps you get started and keep going.

Effective Weight Loss--are short-term approaches like restricting certain foods ineffective? Find out & get our advice:

Back away from Twitter...and go walk around the block! New study: Could Facebook be making you fat?

When prescription drugs become over-the-counter, their advertisements may downplay side effects & risks

If ovarian cancer is found early, it can be treated more effectively. Learn to recognize the symptoms:

Heart disease sometimes involves genes. ODP had an expert panel discuss the science behind family history & health:

Smoke-free campus policies offer a unique opportunity to create tobacco-free living. Visit , for more information.

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