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Financial Literacy Month
Image shows a piggy bank standing on a large coin.

April is time to celebrate Financial Literacy Month!  But what is financial literacy?

Earning, saving, spending, investing, budgeting, collecting, and giving are all part of handling money.  And handling money wisely is what financial literacy is all about.

During Financial Literacy Month, we spend some time thinking about what we do with our money all year and how we can reach our financial goals.  If you get into good financial habits while you're young, you can carry those habits into your adulthood.  But whether you're young or old or somewhere in between, it's always a good time to learn how to manage money.

Financial Literacy Links

The United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change Web site is all about coins!  And knowing about coins is part of your money smarts!  Check out some of this site's activities for some economic understanding:

icon: Plinky's Create-a-Card

Plinky's Create-a-Card
is a fun game that gives you a virtual allowance to spend making a greeting card.  Buy pictures to add to your card.  If you print and color it, you can give it to someone!

icon: Quarter Explorer

Quarter Explorer
lets you earn quarters by answering questions about new quarters and the states that appear on them.  You have to budget your money to make sure Bill doesn't have to travel by bike when he visits those states!

icon: Coins of the World

Coins of the World
brings you across the sea to see other lands and their currencies.  Spend your virtual allowance in euros or yen seeing the sights!

icon: Time Machine

Time Machine
is your portal to historic events and the coins that famous figures carried in their pockets.  Get a taste of the part that money has played in our nation's history.

icon: Coin Collector's Workshop

Coin Collector's Workshop
gives you a tour of the world of coin collecting and tips for your own collection.  After all, collecting is one way to manage your money!

icon: Money Hungry Piggy Bank

Money-Hungry Piggy Bank
is a good step toward saving money!  You'll find out how to make and decorate your own papier-mâché piggy bank.

Click to learn more about Financial Literacy Month from a Senate bill that was part of the celebration's creation.


If you're an educator, check out our ideas for teaching financial literacy in the Teachers area.

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