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Plinky the Mint Pig

Plinky the Mint Pig.

Hey there!  I'd curtsey, but I've got my hands full.  Just a little snack to tide me over...

I'm Plinky, the Mint Pig.  Like many of you, I'm new to collecting coins.  But I'm doing my best to stuff my brain with facts!  That's why I'm studying with Inspector Collector.

Here are some tidbits about me...

Favorite coin in my collection: A sixpence from the Sommer Islands (Bermuda) coinage.  The first coins struck for the English colonies, the four Sommer Islands denominations all have a handsome hog on their obverse!

How I like to spend my days:  Shopping for antique piggy banks, adding to my new coin collection, and dining in fine restaurants.

Personal hero:  Louis E. Eliasberg, Sr., the first and only person to assemble a complete collection of United States coins.  In 1950, he spent $4,000 to get the final coin for his collection, the only known 1873-CC Seated Liberty.  That same coin sold for a whopping $550,000 in May 1996.  Eliasberg was one fellow who sure knew the value of saving his coins!

I coined the phrase: "An unbreakable piggy bank is your best investment!"

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Obverse and reverse of Sommer Island Sixpence.
Plinky's favorite coin, the Sommer Islands Sixpence from Bermuda, was first struck for the English colonies in America around 1616.

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