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Plinky the Mint Pig searching high and low to build her collection
Case 2: Finders-Keepers!

Inspector Collector is right:  Half the fun of collecting is finding your coins!  He taught Plinky to search high and low to build her collection—looking in some clever places.

Can you guess where Plinky found these coins?

1999 New Jersey Quarter New Jersey Quarter:  "Plinky never seems to have enough quarters for vending machines.  That's why she wanted to bank on having 40.  I was happy to be rolled up in her purchase."
Show me where!
1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar Susan B. Anthony Dollar:  "Plinky detected me during her vacation to Florida.  I was happy to join her collection—after she dug me up and wiped the sand from my eyes."
Show me where!
1943 Steel Lincoln Penny "Steel" Penny:  "I was tucked away with letters Plinky's great-grandmother got from her fiancĂ© when he was off fighting in World War II.  One rainy day, Plinky found me and other treasures in this wooden box stored way up high."
Show me where!
1914 Winged Liberty Dime Winged Liberty Head Dime:  "Plinky flipped when I was shown to her at this conventional event.  Even though my price was more than a few coins, she still got me for a deal."
Show me where!
Yellowstone National Park Commemorative Silver Dollar Yellowstone National Park Silver Dollar:  "I'd been working my way through the Mint for months, but it wasn't until July 1999 that Plinky could view me.  She found me while surfing, and picked me up for her collection."
Show me where!

Plinky used some clever sources to build her collection.  But what about you—should you buy coins or try to find them?  Click here for collecting tips!

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