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Women's History Medals

Here is a collection of Congressional Gold Medals that honor the work of great American women.

OBVERSE: 1977 Marian Anderson

REVERSE: 1977 Marian Anderson

1977 Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson was a world-famous singer who was often treated unfairly.  But she didn't give up.  She won many awards and her career lasted for more than 30 years.

The medal honors her "highly distinguished and impressive career."  Even foreign countries gave her awards.  She helped the arts to advance in this country and throughout the world, helped world peace through her performances, her recordings, and her work as United States delegate to the United Nations, and gave freely of her time, talent, and energy to enrich our lives.

1984 Lady Bird Johnson

Claudia Taylor was nicknamed "Lady Bird" when she was only a child, but the name stuck.  She often gave advice to her husband, President Lyndon B. Johnson.  She also helped him talk to people about voting for him and worked to make America and its highways more beautiful.  She started the National Wildflower Center, which was later renamed "Lady Bird Wildflower Center" in her honor.

This medal honors Lady Bird Johnson's "humanitarian efforts and outstanding contributions to the improvement and beautification of America."

OBVERSE: 1984 Lady Bird Johnson

REVERSE: 1984 Lady Bird Johnson

OBVERSE: 1987 Mary Lasker

REVERSE: 1987 Mary Lasker

1987 Mary Lasker

Mary Lasker and her husband started the Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation, where scientists try to make better medicines and find ways to help people stay healthy.  She was especially interested in finding cures for cancer.  She also has had a pink tulip named after her because of the way she worked to beautify New York City and Washington, D.C.

Mary Lasker's medal honors her for this work, for educating people, and for helping artists.

1996 Ruth Graham

Ruth Graham was the daughter of missionaries to China.  She grew up in China, in danger and hard times.  She married Billy Graham, a minister who wrote books and spoke to people around the world.  Ruth has written several books of poems and books that help people to be better people.

This medal was given to Ruth and Billy Graham for their "outstanding and lasting contributions to morality, racial equality, family, philanthropy, and religion."

OBVERSE: 1996 Ruth Graham

REVERSE: 1996 Ruth Graham

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